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post image Trends in IP Data from

You can't touch IP, most litigation devotes significant energy to even defining a right, and, by definition, any particular right is unique. So, how do you measure IP? Data on IP is scarce; inaccessible ...

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NRT Technology Corp. v. Everi Payments, Inc. (PTAB 2016) from

Business Method Patent Survives PTAB Review By Joseph Herndon -- On January 22, 2016, the U.S. Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) issued a decision denying institution of a covered business method (CBM) patent review ...

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Expert’s Royalty Base Apportionment Analysis Insufficient from

The court deferred ruling on defendant's motion to exclude the testimony of plaintiff's damages expert regarding a reasonable royalty for unreliable apportionment and ordered plaintiff to produce a supplemental report curing the expert ...

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WHO Preps For 2018 UN Review Of Cardiovascular Diseases, Cancers, Respiratory Diseases, Diabetes from

World Health Organization Director-General Margaret Chan submitted a report to last week’s Executive Board meeting detailing progress made in establishing a framework for the implementation of a global action plan for prevention and control ...

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Pending Supreme Court Patent Cases 2016 (February 3 Update) from

by Dennis Crouch With Washington DC snowed-in, action within the Supreme Court has also been somewhat slow.  Briefing is now complete in ePlus v. Lawson. In that case, a district court originally held an adjudged ...

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European Data Protection Officers On Privacy Shield Announcement: Please Send Text! from

A day after the European Commission announced an agreement with US authorities for a “Privacy Shield” as a follow-up mechanism for the invalidated Safe Harbour Agreement, the Article 29 Working Party of European Union data ...

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Wired – UNICEF Invests $9m In ‘Open Source’ Tech To Save Children’s Lives from

The United Nations will fund 60 startups to create open source technologies to improve the lives of children in developing countries. Unicef, the children's charity run by the UN, will channel more than $9 ...

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More on the Myth of the Solo Inventor from

Following up on the discussion of Edison, it is hard to fathom anyone placing the Edison circa 1880 as anything like a solo inventor. He had a big team working on the light bulb (and ...

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Claim Construction Leads to Nonsensical Result and thus Indefiniteness Holding from

Columbia University v. Symantec Corp (Fed. Cir. 2015) Back in 2013, the NPE known as Columbia University sued Symantec for infringing at least six of its data-analytics patents covering the process of detecting and blocking ...

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