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post image Storm in a C Cup: Mr Justice Carr refuses injunction and account of profits in Stretchline v H&M spat from

Without any underwires poking through, the AmeriKat
takes a quick nap in a very cosy location
Being 6,000 miles away, it is easy for the AmeriKat to miss the goings on in the English ...

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post image Pharmaceuticals, Fig Leaves and Accidental Overspill: the Merck-y World of Co-existence Agreements from

The AmeriKat passed out on all of her
co-existence agreements...
A mammoth decision from Mr Justice Norris plopped on the AmeriKat's desk last week in the long-running awaited trade mark co-existence saga of Merck ...

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post image UK's Creative Industries - Economics from

Yesterday the UK Government's Department for Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) published the 2015 update of the UK's creative industries' contribution to the economy. The headline is, drumroll please, "the sector is growing at ...

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Winter Storm Jonas Forces USPTO Closure on Monday and Tuesday from

By Donald Zuhn –- For the second time in a little more than a month, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has experienced an unexpected closing. Last month, the closing resulted from a major power ...

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Livestock Diversity Is Crucial For Future Food Security On A Harsher Planet from

FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva writes: Our livestock is increasingly being raised indoors and fed on concentrate feed that is often imported. Intensive production of chickens, pigs and dairy cows is based on a ...

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Plaintiff’s Selective Licensing Activities Preclude Permanent Injunction from

Following a bench trial and plaintiff's withdrawal of its claim for monetary damages, the court did not impose a permanent injunction because plaintiff failed to establish irreparable harm due to its licensing activities. "Plaintiff ...

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Is it easier to get a patent in the US, or in Europe, or in China? from

In a piece titled New patent subject-matter eligibility test hurts US competitiveness, Robert L. Stoll suggests that the US patent system may be more patent - grant unfriendly than the patent systems of Europe or even ...

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WHO Board Debates Framework On Engagement With Non-State Actors from

The World Health Organization routinely works with a number of outside actors, such as non-governmental groups, philanthropic organisations, industry and academics. Member states have been trying to establish a framework to regulate such engagement and ...

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Northwestern/UChicago work on multiple sclerosis [MS] from

Stephen Miller and Brian Popko have a new theory on the origins of multiple sclerosis:

The current prevailing theory [of multiple sclerosis [MS]] is that an event outside of the nervous system triggers MS in ...

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Patentlyo Bits and Bytes by Anthony McCain from

Michael Borella: Voxaton v. Alpine Electronics Of America Joshua Wolson: Will The Supreme Court Save Apple From Itself? Chuck Jones: Why Does IBM’s Intellectual Property Revenue Continue To Decline Clark Asay: Does Innovation Mean ...

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IP in 3D: How IP Owners Should Respond to 3D Printers from

Although intellectual property (IP) law adequately protects many forms of IP, the coming commercialization of cheap 3D printers may facilitate new means of mass pirating that existing law cannot prevent. Though legal reform is the ...

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IIROC Releases Two Cybersecurity Resources: Best Practices Guide and Incident Planning Guide from

The re-posting of this article is part of a cross-posting agreement with CyberLex. Last week, the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (“IIROC“) published two detailed guides to help IIROC-regulated firms protect themselves and their ...

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The General Data Protection Regulation: From Promises to Reality from

The re-posting of this comment is part of a cross-posting collaboration with MediaLaws: Law and Policy of the Media in a Comparative Perspective. In December 2012, the Commission put forward its proposal for a General ...

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