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CIPA Signs Declaration for harmonised Global IP System
The Japanese Patent Attorneys Association hosted a meeting of ten national and international intellectual property associations, including the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys, resulting in the signing ...

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Time for a harmonised grace period, says FICPI from

The debate over whether there should be a harmonised international grace period, allowing limited disclosure or commercialisation of an invention before filing a patent application, has rumbled along for many years. Attempts to reach agreement ...

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BREAKING NEWS - Draft UK Legislation on Unitary Patent and Unified Patents Court from

The Intellectual Property Act 2014 contained enabling legislation to allow the Government to make the necessary changes to national law in order to accommodate the Unitary Patent and Unified Patents Court by means of a ...

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Pending Reexamination No Basis for Staying Confirmation of $450 Million Arbitration Award from

The court denied defendants' motion to stay the court's ruling on plaintiff's motion to confirm an arbitration award pending final office actions in a pending reexamination because of the undue prejudice to plaintiff ...

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Pending Supreme Court Patent Cases 2016 (January 20 Update) from

by Dennis Crouch This week, the Supreme Court granted certiorari in the administrative patent review case of Cuozzo v. Lee. Cuozzo raises the following two questions: (1) Whether the court of appeals erred in holding ...

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Anonymous Loan Shopping — An Unpatentable Abstract Idea from

By Dennis Crouch On summary judgment, Judge Guilford (C.D.Cal) found Mortgage Grader’s asserted patents[1] ineligible under 35 U.S.C. § 101.[2]  On appeal, the Federal Circuit has affirmed this substantive ...

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CAFC: a § 101 analysis may sometimes be undertaken without resolving fact issues. from

In this case, the appellant MORTGAGE GRADER, INC., lost at the CAFC
on summary judgment as to 35 USC 101. The issues:

Mortgage Grader appeals the district court’s denial of its
motion to ...

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Does the GM/Sidecar deal threaten Uber with patent infringement? from

From WIRED on a story about the GM/Sidecar deal:

Maybe. Sidecar’s patent predates those filed by Uber and Lyft by several years, and it’s pretty specific. “It’s not just the general ...

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Medicines Patent Pool Announces Sub-Licensing Agreements For Hepatitis C Generics from

By Jahan ‘Harry’ Taubman-Rezakhanlou for Intellectual Property Watch The Medicines Patent Pool today announced its first round of sub-licensing agreements with four generic manufacturers for the production and sale of a generic line of Bristol-Myers ...

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