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post image Thursday Thingies from

In this week's Thursday Thingies, I lose part of my soul.
Elisha Dawkins, via
WikimediaMartin Shkreli, he of the increasing-price-of-pill-from-$13.50-to-$750 fame, has been arrested for fraud. The arrest has nothing to ...

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post image Unified Patent Ready to Go! from

The EPO Select Committee reports on its 18th meeting held on December 15, 2015 in Munich wherein the secondary regulation framework for the Unified Patent has been adopted.

According to the press release of the ...

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Board finds kit of chemical agents disclosed in reference renders claimed solution obvious from

Takeaway: Claims to a cleaning solution excluding an oxidizing agent were rejected as obvious in view of a kit of prepackaged components for later mixing with the excluded oxidizer. On appeal, the Applicant argued that ...

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Exceptions To Copyright To Remain On Agenda Of WIPO Copyright Committee from

Copyright exceptions for libraries, archives, educational and research institutions and persons with disabilities other than visual impairment will remain on the agenda of the next session of the World Intellectual Property Organization copyright committee. The ...

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USPTO Issues Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for Law School Clinic Certification Program from

By Donald Zuhn -- The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a notice of proposed rulemaking in the Federal Register earlier today (80 Fed. Reg. 78155) to comply with Public Law 113-227, which was enacted ...

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District Court Not Bound by PTAB’s Claim Construction in Rendering IPR Institution Decision from

The court denied defendants' motion to modify the court's claim construction in light of the PTAB’s claim construction during inter partes review because issue preclusion did not apply. "In its response [to defendant ...

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Brazil, Australia Ratify Marrakesh Treaty For Visually Impaired, Seven To Go from

Last week, the World Intellectual Property Organization treaty which is expected to facilitate access to special format works for blind and visually impaired people gained two more ratifications, bringing the accession to the treaty to ...

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Two-Step Printed Matter Doctrine: (1) Is it Printed Matter?; (2) Do we give it patentable weight? from

By Dennis Crouch The printed matter doctrine probably arises less than it should as its contours are likely integral to an understanding of the patentability of software related inventions.  Like the abstract idea test the ...

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Safe Harbor 2.0: Still a Work in Process from

Last month, judges from the European Court of Justice, the European Union's top court, issued a judgment striking down a 15-year old agreement, known as the Safe Harbor framework, which allowed American and European ...

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