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post image Looking back over this GreeKat shoulder… Part III: The “People’s Car” in the people’s dismay from

The VW adventure has, no doubt, been one of the passing year’s major topics of discussion. The core issue, from an IP angle, is the perils to a brand by internal, “self-inflicted” action; how ...

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Linking, copyright and ancillary rights: what does the Commission intend to do? from

This has been an eventful week for EU copyright.
On Wednesday the EU Commission released: 
(1) a proposal for a Regulation on the cross-border portability of online content services in the internal market;(2) a ...

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Patent Claiming a Human “Viewer” is Not Invalid for Claiming a Human Organism from

The Commission affirmed the ALJ's final initial determination that no violation of section 337 occurred with respect to complainant's vehicle accessory patents and rejected respondent's argument that the claims were directed to ...

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Interview: New Patent Search Capability For Chemical Compounds In Progress At WIPO from

The World Intellectual Property Organization is working on an extension to its patent search systems to include specific searches for chemical compounds. The system is expected to be operational by July 2016.

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Short Fiction for IP Attorneys from

I enjoyed SciFi author Kim Stanley Robinson’s new short essay Oral Arguments. Quoting precedent is not usually characterized as sarcasm, Your Honor. The patent law is broadly written, and your decisions concerning it haven ...

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