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post image I financed it so it's my copyright--well, not really from

Kat friend Aaron Wood has provided an edifying summary of a recent case from the UK Intellectual Property Enterprise Court, Henry Hadaway Organisation v Pickwick Group Limited and Ors [2015] EWHC 3407 (IPEC), concerning the ...

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post image The CJEU on copyright: clueless or activist? Or both? from

The increasing importance of the CJEU's jurisprudence for the development of copyright doctrine and policy in Europe is hardly a secret (see, e.g., Eleonora Rosati's talk "A decade of random copyright (reform ...

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post image C'MOn C'MOn - Music Publishing from

Ahh, music publishing. While the Collective Rights Management Directive technical review by the UK IPO is still underway (coverage of the Directive on the 1709 blog here), discussions on music publishing are lively.  Today a ...

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PTAB Update -- PTAB Claim Amendment Practice at the Federal Circuit from

Prolitec Inc. v. Scentair Technologies, Inc. (Fed. Cir. 2015) By Andrew Williams -- In another unsurprising turn, the Federal Circuit affirmed the motion-to-amend practice adopted by the PTAB in IPR proceedings. The majority opinion in Prolitec ...

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WHO Report Examines Health Achievements, Future Challenges For Implementation Of SDGs from

From the United Nations Millennium Development Goals to the Sustainable Development Goals, what are the main achievements in health and what are the main challenges for the next 15 years? That is the question the ...

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Big Rights Holders Favour Status Quo In EU Copyright Over Copyright Reform from

BERLIN - Big rights holders and their attorneys do not yearn for a reform of European Union copyright. Participants in last week‘s Pan-European Intellectual Property Summit in Berlin discussed concerns about the potential extension of ...

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BREAKING: EU Commission unveils next steps for copyright reform, including draft content portability regulation from

As anticipated yesterday, as a follow-up to the Digital Single Market Strategy (DSMS) released last May [here and here], this morning the EU Commission unveiled the next steps in its reform agenda.
Content portability
While ...

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European Commission Unveils First Copyright Reform Proposals To Mixed Review from

The European Commission's long-awaited effort to reform Europe's copyright system includes a proposal for cross-border portability of online content services and an action plan for updating copyright rules. The proposals are the first ...

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Invalidation of Certain Claims Under 35 U.S.C. § 101 Does Not Invalidate Entire Patent from

The court partially denied defendant's motion for summary judgment that issue preclusion barred plaintiff's claims of infringement for its arterial thermometer patents after another court found certain claims invalid for lack of patentable ...

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IPR: Proving Patentability before Amendment from

By Dennis Crouch In Prolitec, Inc. v. ScentAir Technologies,[1] the Federal Circuit has affirmed a USPTO inter partes review (IPR) decision cancelling Prolitec’s air-freshener diffuser claims.  The patent at issue[2] is the ...

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Possible Fed. Cir. Review of an Alice Case? from

Patent Invalidity Opinion Based on Alice is Appealed to the Federal Circuit Ann Robl

TDE Petroleum Data Solutions, Inc. (“TDE”) has filed an appeal of a District Court decision1 that invalidated TDE’s patent ...

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Sopphos, Fortinet settle IP dispute from

Sophos and Fortinet have settled their IP disagreement.

Reuters noted: Settlement was reached through mediation and neither party admitted any liability Sourc


Link: ...

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