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post image Looking back over this GreeKat shoulder… Part II: How “lifestyle paternalism” might threaten brands from

In Part I of this series, we took a look at plain packaging, the apparent “avant garde” of a developing lifestyle paternalism powered by regulatory action or, on the opposite side of the fence, of ...

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PTAB Update -- The Constitutionality Edition from

MCM Portfolio LLC v. Hewlett-Packard Co. (Fed. Cir. 2015) By Andrew Williams -- In a decision that likely came as no surprise to anyone, the Federal Circuit upheld the constitutionality of IPR proceedings as provided for ...

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Petition of the Day: Medtronic v. NuVasive from

by Dennis Crouch In this pending certiorari petition, Medtronic directly asks for the Supreme Court for a GVR – Grant-Vacate-and-Remand order for the Federal Circuit to reconsider its prior decision in light of Commil USA, LLC ...

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Friday Miscellany from

There are a number of news items that have been basking in the inbox of this blogger, but have not made a post of their own, and so here is a round-up of miscellaneous tidbits ...

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Colombia Asked To Declare Excessive Price For Cancer Drug Contrary To Public Interest, Grounds For Compulsory License from

Colombia has a decision to make. A full year has passed from the November 24, 2014 request by iFarma, Misión Salud and CIMUN for a declaration of the public interest regarding the cancer drug imatinib ...

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IP Summit: Changes In Patent System, Intermediary Liability And The Future Of IP from

The stretch run for Europe's Unitary Patent System (UPS) again took centre stage at the Premier Cercle IP Summit 2015 in Berlin Thursday. Eyes are on Germany for the ratification of the UPS. Cornelia ...

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Defendant’s Discovery Abuse and Spoliation Warrant Terminating Sanctions and Fee Award from

The court entered a judgment of default against defendant for discovery abuses and spoliation of evidence. "Defendant has so damaged the integrity of the discovery process, as well as the litigation process itself, that a ...

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Law Boosts Awareness, Patents From Research Institutions In South Africa from

CAPE TOWN, South Africa -- A law to regulate intellectual property derived from research and development conducted using public funds has boosted the number of patent applications filed and granted by universities and research institutions in ...

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Boards of Appeal tell AC: we were never consulted from

Everyone agrees that there is a problem with the judicial independence of the EPO Boards of Appeal, and as covered previously on this blog, the Administrative Council (AC) asked the President, Mr Battistelli, to come ...

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What Should Be Included in a Canadian Orphan Drug Regulatory Framework from

As the new Liberal government turns its mind to the application of substantive policies, it will have to decide what to do with the Canadian orphan drug regulatory framework (ODRF) that has been in development ...

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