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post image Guest Post: Seeing Trade Secret Law Through the Lens of Information Diffusion from

On December 2, 2015 the Senate Judiciary Committee is holding hearings on whether it is time to move forward national-level trade secret protection. Those testifying include three pro-reformers, including Jim Pooley and one on the ...

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post image AIA Patent Updates from

The chart above shows the percentage of published US patent applications that are classified as post-AIA applications. These are grouped by application publication date. Thus, for recently published applications, about 60% are AIA applications while ...

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post image Oscilla’s Power Bars Generate Energy from Waves from

I recently read an interesting article about Oscilla Power, a Seattle-based company that makes wave power generators. Oscilla’s wave energy harvesters are based on a phenomenon called magnetostriction, a property of some ferromagnetic materials ...

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post image The Innovation Battle - Canadian musings on patents from

"Should patents be strengthened, weakened or abolished altogether?" is the bold question posited by the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), the Blackberry-founded research centre in Waterloo, Canada.  CIGI has published a policy brief ...

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post image Blocking orders across Europe: personality disorder or are the Swedes right? from

How to circumvent a blockBlocking injunctions: are they available as a remedy to contrast IP infringements, in particular copyright ones? If so, are they also mandatory for Member States to allow?

A few days ...

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post image Blog Updates: ABA Blawg 100 from

The ABA Journal is again running its Blawg 100 edition noting interesting and worthy legal blogs. Patently-O and Gene Quinn’s IP Watchdog were perennial contenders but were ‘retired’ from the list after being inducted ...

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USPTO News Briefs from

By Donald Zuhn -- USPTO and INPI Establish PPH Pilot Program On November 23, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and Brazil's National Institute for Industrial Property (INPI) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding ...

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Things That You Can Do To Become Successful In Internet Marketing by Rusty Wimberly from

Some say that innovation is dead and that the world has changed, but one look at huge ideas like Twitter and Facebook pretty much squashes that rumor. If you think you have the next big ...

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Flexibility In The TPP Statutory Damages Provision from

During the negotiation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, many concerns were voiced about how TPP would mandate adoption of US-style statutory damages. Under the US Copyright Act, a court can award damages of up to ...

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Power Integrations Does Not Preclude Discovery of Foreign Sales Information from

The court sustained plaintiffs' objections to the magistrate judge's order denying their motion to compel defendant to produce discovery on foreign sales. "[Defendant] asserts that recent Federal Circuit jurisprudence [principally Power Integrations, Inc. v ...

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Ebola Vaccine Team Welcomes New UK R&D Financing, Expects Governments To Join In from

COPENHAGEN, Denmark -- Having led the successful collaborative testing of an Ebola-vaccine in record time, John-Arne Røttingen of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health now wants to expand the idea to a permanent global financing facility ...

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Senate Judiciary Committee to tackle trade secret theft from

Tomorrow at 10:00AM, the US Senate Committee on the Judiciary is holding a hearing on "Protecting Trade Secrets:  the Impact of Trade Secret Theft on American Competitiveness and Potential Solutions to Remedy this Harm ...

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SCC to Consider Provincial Privacy Commissioner Powers to Compel Production of Privileged Documents from

The re-posting of this article is part of a cross-posting agreement with CyberLex. The Supreme Court of Canada is revisiting the issue of whether a privacy commissioner can force disclosure of documents where solicitor-client privilege ...

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Panasonic, NEC & Sony are battling with IBM for patent sales leadership from

Despite dramatically lower patent valuations, some big companies, including under-performing foreign holders, have taken the number of U.S. sales to new highs. While IBM still leads, over the past three and a half years ...

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US Congressional Study Finds Excessive Profit-Seeking In USD84K Hepatitis Drug Sovaldi from

Two bipartisan United States senators today released the results of an 18-month investigation into the US$84,000 price of the Solvaldi hepatitis C drug, finding the pricing and marketing strategy was aimed at maximizing ...

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European Court Of Human Rights Finds Turkey Violated Freedom Of Expression In YouTube Blocking from

Ten sites allegedly disrespectful to Kemal Attaturk, founder of modern Turkey, were enough for the courts in Turkey to ban a whole platform - YouTube - from 2008 until the end of 2010. But a ruling of ...

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Breitbart wrong on "loser pays" provisions of proposed Innovation Act from

A post at Breitbart emphasized the importance of "loser pays" to some patent reformers:

“Loser pays” is one of the most critical components of any good reform. This provision will stop patent trolls from filing ...

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