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post image Apple v. Samsung – Appeal Number XXXIII from

by Dennis Crouch Without substantive opinion or dissent, the Federal Circuit has denied Samsung’s en banc request — setting up a last-ditch and low-probability effort for Supreme Court review.   Decision: SamsungEnBancDenial. In its latest decision ...

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post image Eponia: Land of Suspense and Suspensions from

As some readers will know, the European Patent Office (EPO) has been in some turmoil this week following the suspension of several union officials. Events have moved quicker than Merpel’s little paws can type ...

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post image Down the Tubes: will Chambers' efforts go unrewarded? from

Following the receipt of a link kindly sent in by Chris Torrero (Katpat!) comes a guest post from Katfriend and former Guest Kat Rebecca Gulbul on an attempt by a disappointed entrepreneur to leverage a ...

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Belden Inc. v. Berk-Tek LLC (Fed. Cir. 2015) from

By Andrew Williams -- Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Well, the good news is that the Federal Circuit has begun reversing PTAB decisions on the merits for IPR proceedings. To ...

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Try These Suggestions For Bettering Your Home by Buck Newcombe from

For the budget acutely aware purchaser, there are some good drills to be found for around 52. One of many high reviewed is the Hitachi DS12DVF3 drill. The Hitachi weighs in at 1.59kg., mainly ...

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EU Observatory survey on cost of IP infringement: can you help? from

The European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property has let it be known that it is currently undertaking a project that is designed to assess the cost of infringement of intellectual property rights to business ...

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Non-Violation Complaints At WTO – Possible Extension Of Moratorium For Two Years from

Negotiators at the World Trade Organization met yesterday to try to agree on the fate of a moratorium shielding intellectual property from non-violation complaints. A two-year extension of the moratorium might be the compromise solution ...

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FRAND flurry: two new initiatives promote fair licensing of standard-essential patents, Qualcomm in trouble from

FRAND-pledged standard-essential patents (SEPs) were a major topic (actually, the #1 topic) on this blog a few years ago. Then my focus shifted, but my positions on this issue did not. I'm following with ...

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Purchase of Accused Product Through Sufficient to Establish Personal Jurisdiction from

The court denied defendant's motion to dismiss plaintiff's infringement action for lack of personal jurisdiction because plaintiff's employees' purchase of the accused product through Amazon was sufficient to establish jurisdiction. "It is ...

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WIPO Trademark Committee Paves Way For Further Discussions from

A shorter than usual World Intellectual Property Organization meeting of its committee on trademarks, designs and geographical indications closed yesterday with the prospect of keeping all items on the agenda for the next session.

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New Industry Coalition To Promote Fair Standards In Licensing from

A group of companies launched the Fair Standards Alliance this week in Brussels, aimed at ensuring licensing of standard-essential patents is done on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms. This reflects an industry trend toward ...

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Court Adopts Magistrate's Recommendation Finding Drug Method of Use Claims Facially Invalid Under 35 USC 101 from

In a September 28, 2015 post I reported on Endo v. Actavis, wherein a magistrate judge’s Report and Recommendation from a magistrate judge in the District of Delaware recommending invalidation of a drug method ...

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Defending a Federal Trade Secrets Law from

This last week, 42 professors sent a letter to Congress opposing the Defend Trade Secrets Act. This same week, James Pooley, a well-known attorney and former Deputy Director General of WIPO, released a draft of ...

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Federal Circuit denies Samsung petition for rehearing in Apple case: next stop Supreme Court? from

What's an invalid patent worth? As I noted at the end of my previous post on Samsung's appeal against a partial final judgment that would allow Apple to collect half a billion dollars ...

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Why the Enlarged Board rejected the AC in September from

Merpel has finally had sight of the written decision of the Enlarged Board of Appeal (EBA) in which it rejected the request made by the Administrative Council (AC) chairman, Mr Kongstad, seeking the dismissal of ...

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BNA discusses PTAB from

Note the text:

Understanding the relationship between patent cases in court and validity challenges at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board is essential for success in litigation today, according to a Nov. 12 Bloomberg BNA ...

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