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post image Garçon Serves FanDuel Unwanted Dish from

Alyssa Novak

FanDuel’s growing list of legal woes got a little bit longer when Washington Redskins receiver Pierre Garçon filed a putative class-action lawsuit1 against the daily fantasy sports company on October 30 ...

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post image Copyright term, authorship and moral rights: the intriguing tale of Anne Frank's Diary from

This Kat, who has received a considerable volume of correspondence relating to Anne Frank's Diary, has been frustrated that the volume of incoming correspondence and matters arising from recent blogposts on other subjects has ...

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post image By Juve! The EPO responds to Professor Broß from

Raimund LutzYesterday, in "Former judge says actions of AC and Battistelli "devoid of any legal basis", this moggy posted an English translation of some strong criticism of the legal basis of certain decisions taken ...

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post image Encouraging creativity and IP awareness: UK intensifies its Cracking Ideas programme from

On Tuesday of last week, this Kat posted (second item down) a note on the UK Intellectual Property Office's intention to spreading the word about intellectual property to the wider community and its renewed ...

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Inphi Corp. v. Netlist, Inc. (Fed. Cir. 2015) from

By Michael Borella -- Many patent attorneys have a visceral, disapproving reaction to negative claim limitations -- elements that specify what a claim does not cover. While a line of Federal Circuit cases has established that negative ...

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EPO labor dispute getting completely out of hand: three union leaders suspended, others pressured from

The conflict between the leadership and staff representatives of the European Patent Office appears to be totally out of control now. The latest information would be unthinkable anywhere in the civilized world, but the European ...

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Review Of WIPO Development Agenda Recommendations Ongoing from

An independent review of how the World Intellectual Property Organization is implementing the recommendations of its Development Agenda is ongoing. A survey is expected to be sent soon to WIPO members as well as international ...

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Tech Transfer, Better Regulation, Policy Reform Can Spur Growth In East Africa’s Pharma Sector, Experts Say from

NAIROBI, Kenya -- Amid concerns over cheap imports, substandard products and counterfeits, pharmaceutical experts in East Africa are set to hold a summit early next year to discuss key challenges facing the industry in the region ...

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Strength In Unity: Mercosur Countries Join To Negotiate Lower Prices For Hepatitis C and HIV Drugs from

South American countries are negotiating with pharmaceutical companies to obtain common cheaper prices for high-cost medicines. The first target of initial negotiations delivered lower prices for hepatitis C and HIV. Further negotiations will be geared ...

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PTAB’s Institution of IPR Neutralizes Defendant’s Use of IPR for Tactical Delay from

The court granted defendants' renewed motion to stay pending inter partes review after the PTAB instituted review on all claims of the patent-in-suit because the potential simplification of issues and lack of undue prejudice favored ...

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McCarthy & Roumiantseva on Federal Circuit Exclusive Trademark Jurisdiction: "We Think Not" from

Even though the Federal Circuit is often called "the patent court," it hears appeals in a wide variety of areas. Statistics on caseload by origin are available here; note that patent appeals have ballooned to ...

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Wednesday whimsies from

Maybe not, but still 
highly worthwhileIt's not the last chance to register for this year's IP Publishers and Editors Meeting, but it might be the last time this Kat plugs it before ...

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Thought for the Day from

The Federal Circuit is fond of saying we review judgments — not opinions.  I was recently reviewing the In re Sang-Su Lee opinion and the court’s statement would seem to be less applicable to agency ...

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Cuozzo Amicus Briefs from IPO, AIPLA, BIO, et al., all arguing against Broadest Reasonable Interpretation of Claims During IPR proceedings from

By Dennis Crouch Following a 6-5 split by the Federal Circuit, Cuozzo filed a petition for writ of certiorari – asking two important questions (as paraphrased by me): During a post-issuance inter partes review (IPR) proceeding ...

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