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post image Never Too Late: if you missed the IPKat last week ... from

Last week was a busy and productive one for the IPKat blogging team, as you can see from the summary of substantive blogposts lovingly compiled by best Katfriend Alberto Bellan for your comfort and convenience ...

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post image Plunging off the abyss -- or merely grinding to a halt? More bad news from Eponia from

"Once upon a time, in the beautiful
but sadly troubled land of Eponia ..."
This moggy promised in her earlier post today on the European Patent Office (EPO), addressing the legal basis -- or rather the lack ...

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post image Format fight brews as Barry refuses to be silenced over the Voice from

From Katfriend and occasional contributor Emma Perot comes news of a topic that leaps into the limelight for a short while and then vanishes for an age: the legal protection of TV show formats.  This ...

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News from Abroad: The UPC: to Opt Out or Not to Opt Out, That Is the Question from

By Liz Cohen -- Did you know that in the Unified Patent Court (UPC) a patentee will be able to get an injunction covering a market much bigger than the entire USA, in a procedure that ...

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The European Patent Office from

This moggy has been reading, with some alarm, the emails that have been reaching her with increasing frequency over the past couple of days with regard to some recent developments at the European Patent Office ...

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WHO Member State Mechanism On Fake Medicines Meeting This Week from

This week the World Health Organization member state mechanism on falsified medicines is meeting in Geneva with a long agenda. In particular, the meeting is expected to consider a process for the mechanism review, the ...

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Real Estate Information Sharing Patent Claims Invalid Under 35 U.S.C. § 101 from

The court granted defendant's motion for summary judgment that the asserted claims of plaintiff's patent for sharing information among real estate agents and clients were invalid for lack of patentable subject matter and ...

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Google’s patent buying program, an apparent success, is thinly reported from

Better than one-in-four of the patents offered to Google for purchase as a result of its Patent Purchase Promotion in May were acquired by the search engine. The only article we could find about IP ...

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Federal Circuit to Wait on Carnegie Mellon Willfulness Case until the Supreme Court Decides Halo and Stryker from

Carnegie Mellon University v. Marvell Tech (Fed. Cir. 2015) The Federal Circuit has issued an interesting en banc order in this billion-dollar-case between the university patentee and the storage/chip maker Marvell. The Pennsylvania district ...

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Claim Construction Moot Court: Mizzou’s Fifth Annual Patent Law Moot Court Competition from

Later today here at the University of Missouri School of Law, we are hosting the Fifth Annual Patent Law Moot Court sponsored by McKool Smith and part of the activities of our Center for Intellectual ...

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Former judge says actions of AC and Battistelli "devoid of any legal basis" from

Prof. Dr. Siegfried Broß is probably better known to Merpel's German-speaking readers than her English-speaking ones. Suffice to say he's a highly respected former judge, who sat for 12 years on the Patent ...

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Life After WIPO: New Nigerian Foreign Minister Onyeama Puts Experience To Use from

Former World Intellectual Property Organization Deputy Director General Geoffrey Onyeama has been named the new minister of foreign affairs of Nigeria. And according to Nigerian press reports, he plans to use IP and innovation to ...

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The Medicines Company v. Hospira: Federal Circuit Will Reconsider "Suppliers Exception" to 102(b) On-Sale Bar from

In a previous post I reported on the Federal Circuit’s July 2, 2015, decision in the The Medicines Company v. Hospira, wherein a panel of the Federal Circuit held that a patent owner’s ...

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Can I patent my recipe? from

The New Food Economy answers that question (and hints:  “no one likes the answer”) in a new article published this week, linked here. How about recipes and other areas of intellectual property law (specifically, copyright ...

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