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post image Video conferencing: a golden opportunity to reduce costs in patent proceedings from

In a recently published decision of a European Patent Office (EPO) Board of Appeal (BoA) on an appeal against a decision of the Examination Division, T 2068/14, the applicant's professional representatives argued that ...

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post image Deciphering Huawei vs. ZTE: A Paper from

The intervention of Nicolas Petit at the Training course for technical judges atthe UPC organized by the CEIPI had been discussed here some time ago. Nicolas has now published his observations on the decision Huawei ...

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post image Vive la différence? No need for Pregabalin(e) injunction, say the French from

In the era before the IP Enforcement Directive
getting a preliminary injunction was a real battle
One of the lovely things about contributing to an international IP weblog is that you learn so much from ...

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MacroPoint, LLC v. FourKites, Inc. (N.D. Ohio 2015) from

By Michael Borella -- In a previous article on the USPTO's publication of its 2014 Interim Guidance on Patent Subject Matter Eligibility, we wrote: Despite the Interim Guidance offering a reasonably fair and thorough overview ...

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New Copyright Office rule permits modification of vehicle software for diagnosis and repair, other exemptions to DMCA anti-circumvention rules from

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) prohibits circumvention of technical measures that control access to copyrighted works. The DMCA’s anti-circumvention requirement permits copyright holders to control how users can access digital works, and also ...

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Panel Looks At Patentability Criteria In Public Health from

A recent workshop on patentability criteria illustrated how countries are using the policy space provided by international trade rules to calibrate their patent law. In particular, incremental innovation remains a trying issue for national legislators ...

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Thank you and goodbye from

It is time to say goodbye. I have taken a new position as Senior Program Officer at the National Academy of Engineering for their Manufacturing, Design and Innovation (MDI) program (see program website). As a ...

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No Deference for Misquoting your Sources from

By Dennis Crouch I already wrote about the holding in yesterday’s ClearCorrect decision – transmission of an electronic communication cannot be considered importation of an “article” and thus is not within the USITCs Section 337 ...

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Illinois Court Refuses to Release Frozen Funds or Enlarge Bond Amount in Trademark Counterfeiting Case from

A federal district court in the Northern District of Illinois has refused a request by the defendants accused of trademark counterfeiting to release funds frozen in PayPal accounts and to increase the amount of a ...

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Governments, Industry Offer Mixed Hope For Multilateral IP Policymaking from

WASHINGTON, DC -- The sun may be setting on multilateral policymaking in intellectual property in the eyes of industry, but leading United States and European Union representatives insist on its continued vital role in trade and ...

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The User-Generated Content Exception: Moving Away from a Non-Commercial Requirement from

Introduction In December 2006, Time magazine celebrated “You” as the person of the year.[1]  In the article, Lev Grossman stated that our history is no longer shaped by a few famous men but by ...

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Court Dismisses “Disaffected” Professor’s Attempt to Change Inventorship on Johns Hopkins Patent from

Peter Pedersen, a professor in the Department of Biological Chemistry at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is one of three named inventors on US Patent Nos. 7,547,673 and 8,119,116 ...

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