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post image Tailor-made memory and online communications: Spain's Supreme Court rules on the right to be forgotten from

Here's a welcome guest post from recent Guest Kat Valentina Torelli, who has been pondering the significance of a fascinating decision from Spain's top court on the extent, if any, to which ...

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Federal Circuit: Denies En Banc Rehearing on Lost Profit Sales for Component Export from

In a split opinion, the Federal Circuit has denied WesternGeco’s en banc petition on the issue of whether a patentee can collect lost profit damages stemming from foreign sales that constitute infringement under 35 ...

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Rigorous and fruitful? The UPC's 18th, and almost final, draft from

The Unified Patent Court website carries a notice that reads like this:
At its last meeting [the most recent meeting, for sure, but this blogger is certain that it isn't going to be the ...

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President pauses processing of potentially poisonous priorities from

Many readers will recall that the issue of poisonous priorities (and poisonous divisionals) is the subject of a referral to the EPO Enlarged Board of Appeal which is pending under reference G 1/15.

For ...

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17 Year Exemption From Pharmaceuticals Patents Agreed At WTO – TWN from

From Third World Network: London, 3 Nov (Sangeeta Shashikant) ­ The United States and the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) at the World Trade Organization have reached agreement ad referendum on a pharmaceutical patent exemption for a ...

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Cost Impact Methodology for Calculating Damages Must Apportion Value of Patented Feature from

The court denied plaintiff's motion to reconsider an earlier order excluding the testimony of plaintiff's damages expert and rejected plaintiff's argument that there was clear error or manifest injustice. "[Plaintiff's] primary ...

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UN Works Through Issues Of A Changed Internet from

Most nations in the world agree that all aspects of society now depend on the internet. But this year’s process of reviewing the 2005 World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) is showing how ...

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Chief Judge Leonard Stark sitting by designation with the Federal Circuit from

Chief Judge Leonard Stark of the District of Delaware appears to be sitting by designation with the Federal Circuit today. The Federal Circuit has a practice of assigning judges to panels by random selection.  However ...

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Well-Designed IP Systems Can Benefit Africa, Leaders Say; WIPO Director Urges Action from

DAKAR, Senegal -- As Africa is emerging to become a centre of economic growth, strong and well-developed national intellectual property systems can help the continent unlock its citizens’ creativity and innovation and further boost economic growth ...

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Samsung says Apple is jumping the gun, Apple says Samsung is stalling: what's an invalid patent worth? from

The week before last, Samsung filed a petition for an en banc rehearing (full-court review) of summary affirmance of a partial final judgment that would allow Apple to collect roughly half a billion dollars over ...

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