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post image New EPO Guidelines - Common General Knowledge is Back from

The EPO's new Guidelines for Examination applicable as of next week (November 1, 2015) have been published and it is time for practitioners to check out what is in for them.

 Section H IV ...

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post image Volkswagen and the High-Tech Greenwash from

By now the Volkswagen emissions scandal has been widely reported and analyzed, and the consequences the German carmaker will face for using software to cheat on emissions tests will be determined, at least in part ...

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PTAB Issues Questionable 101 Decision from

Ex parte Nathan Victor Bak, Elizabeth Baruka Silberg, Yelena Bayeva, Sukadev Bhattiprolu, And Alexis Hope Bruemmer By Joseph Herndon -- The Patent Trial and Appeal Board of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has likely ...

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High Court’s ruling on damages may re-invigorate patent licensing from

The Supreme Court of the United States is in the position to make patent licensing meaningful again.  At least that is what some experts believe. SCOTUS has agreed to hear a case relating to willful ...

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Sixteen million thanks! from

Eagle-eyed readers of this weblog may have spotted that today the IPKat notched up its 16 millionth page view. Once again the IPKat, Merpel and all the blog team, both perma-Kats and guests, would like ...

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Royalties Collection On Rise, Digital Income Catches Up With Physical, Report Says from

Royalty collection is on the rise, according to an international confederation of collecting societies, with Europe being the most fruitful market and North America showing the highest growth. Digital income now equals physical revenues from ...

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Counsel’s Violation of Protective Order Does Not Warrant Disqualification from

The court denied defendants' motion to disqualify plaintiff's counsel after he violated a protective order by disclosing defendants' highly confidential information to plaintiff. "[T]his Court is troubled by the seemingly cavalier attitude towards ...

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European Parliament Votes Down Net Neutrality Amendments from

By Monika Ermert for Intellectual Property Watch After another heated debate, the European Parliament today voted down several amendments aimed at strengthening network neutrality in the new telecommunications package which has been on the agenda ...

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External Review Of WIPO Re:Search Shows Successes, Areas For Further Work from

A revealing independent review to be published this week on WIPO Re:Search, the World Intellectual Property Organization initiative for development of medical products for neglected tropical diseases, malaria and tuberculosis, gives a set of ...

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The Intersection of Inherency and Obviousness from

The oral argument in KANEKA CORPORATION v. SKC KOLON PI, INC., No. 2015-1223 (Fed. Cir. Sept. 15, 2015) [Listen] will interest those of you who have ever had to address the role of inherency in ...

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Apple motion against Ericsson could result in devaluation of wireless patent portfolios: protocols patent-ineligible under Alice from

The Apple v. Ericsson docket in the Northern District of California was worth taking another look (after quite a while): two weeks ago, Apple brought a motion for summary judgment of invalidity of two patents ...

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Choosing a District for Patent Infringement Filing and Giving Meaning to Section 1400(b) from

by Dennis Crouch Back in 2008, I remember speaking with Judge Rader about the court’s recent jurisprudence.  My thought was that In re TS Tech (Fed. Cir. 2008) was the most important of the ...

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PTAB Upholds Validity of Herceptin Patent from

Today the Patent Trial and Appeal Board issued a unanimous decision in Phigenix, Inc. v. ImmunoGen, Inc., upholding the validity of Immunogen’s US Patent Number 8,337,856.  The petition for inter partes review ...

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