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post image Friday fantasies from

Forthcoming events. Still they come, one after another in an apparently never-ending quest to provide a little entertainment, education and inspiration for IP enthusiasts who need to get away from their desks for a bit ...

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post image The long-arm of Article 3(5) of the proposed EU Trade Secrets Directive from

With the proposed EU Trade Secrets Directive
on the horizon, the flight to Rio last week was a
purrfect time to think about Article 3(5)If readers thought witnessing the Unified Patent Court legislative ...

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post image Coty vs. Stadtsparkasse: BGH rules in the wake of CJEU decision from

On Wednesday, the German Bundesgerichthof ruled that a bank is obliged to disclose the identity of an the holder of an account into which the proceeds of the sale of a counterfeit product were deposited ...

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post image Trademark and Patent Registrations Granted! from

We have been extremely busy
at Cohen IP Law Group. Here are just some of the trademark and patent registrations we received this week alone. We are excited to exceed our 2014 total registrations for ...

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post image Passing off at common law and statutory passing off: is there a difference? from

Is statutory passing-off waving goodbye
to its common law roots?
Most IP law is anchored in long-established legislation, such that the metes and bounds of these laws are subject to the rules of statutory construction ...

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Motion in Limine Requiring Plaintiff to Remove Website Content Prior to Trial Denied from

The court denied defendant's motion to order plaintiffs to remove certain prejudicial statements from their website before the upcoming jury trial. "Defendant asks the Court to Order that Plaintiffs remove certain statements from their ...

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Three Recent PTAB Decisions on Patent Eligibility from

Ex Parte Bak, Application 12/822,772 (PTAB 2015) (Owned by IBM) Claim at issue: 1. In a network of computer controlled user interactive display stations, a method for the scheduling of meetings on the ...

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Samsung requests full-court review of appellate decision in Apple case: looks like Supreme Court petition from

Ten days ago, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit granted summary affirmance (i.e., summary judgment at the appellate stage) of Judge Koh's decision to let Apple collect $450 million ...

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Acacia shares off 20% on poorer than expected 3Q results from

Acacia Research Corp. (NASDAQ: ACTG) was slammed in after-hours trading yesterday and is off 20% by noon today. The  S&P; 500 Index gained .66%. The company reported that revenues were $12,994,000, as ...

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Anti-patent polemic in the American Spectator by Mytheos Holt exploded from

Talk about bad timing! The anti-patent rant by Mytheos Holt titled THE HIGH PRICE OF OUR MEDICAL PATENT SYSTEM focuses on the recent price high for the drug Daraprim (which drug is not on patent ...

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AIPLA Patent Year-in-Review from

By Jason Rantanen I’m very much looking forward to giving the Patent Year-in-Review talk at the AIPLA annual meeting tomorrow.  If you’re at the AIPLA conference, I’d love to chat with you ...

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US Copyright Office Draft Strategic Plan For Next Five Years from

The United States Copyright Office has issued a draft strategic plan for 2016-2020, with a 30-day comment period. The draft strategic plan is available here. The United States Copyright Office “supports a vibrant marketplace of ...

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After TTIP Round, “Important” Differences Remain On GIs, Negotiators Say from

At the conclusion of another round of talks for a bilateral trade agreement in Miami today, Europe and the United States negotiators said they remain far apart on the issue of protection of geographical indications ...

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