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post image Buried Treasures of All Sorts: Some of the Best Oklahoma Science and Discovery Destinations – Part III from

Kathryn Albert

The Elsing Museum

Located on the Oral Roberts University Campus, the Elsing Museum calls itself “God’s Natural Art Museum." A showcase of priceless minerals and crystal formations, the museum is dedicated to ...

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post image The harbour's no longer safe: personal data flow must find another way to go from

Those guest Kats just keep cropping up again, even after we think we've said goodbye.  Not so long ago, Valentina Torelli was one of our three carefully selected guest colleagues -- and here she is ...

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post image Friday fantasies from

Forthcoming events. The IPKat and Merpel have been busily adding events to the list of attractions on offer over the next few months.  Do please remember to check them out! See you there?

On the ...

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post image A Site for Sore Eyes: Economics of Domain names from

What is in a name? With Internet consumer laws changing, Google buying all sorts of new domains, requests from IPKat readers, the introduction of .film and recent UK government funding for Digital Economy research, it ...

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post image Henry Wickham, the Amazon river and rubber trees--the state of biodiversity and biopiracy today from

Around Christmas time in 2012, this Kat published a post about the Global Seed Vault in Norway, whose avowed purpose was to preserve a semblance of biodiversity should there  be a major world-wide calamity to ...

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News from Abroad: High Court Rules Myriad's BRCA Genes Not Patentable Subject Matter in Australia from

By Tania Obranovich –- Just over one year after the Full Federal Court of Australia unanimously upheld an earlier Federal Court decision that naturally occurring nucleic acid molecules are patentable in Australia, the High Court of ...

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News from Abroad: Australian High Court Has Ruled in Myriad Gene Patent Case from

By Karen Sinclair -- The Australian High Court yesterday unanimously overturned six lower court judges and dismissed some very careful reasoning to not only follow the U.S. Supreme Court in invalidating claims to the BRCA1 ...

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No stay of liability issue, but prospect of some sort of stay of relief remains from

Fontem Holdings 1BV and another v Ten Motives Ltd and another; Nicocigs Ltd v Fontem Holdings 1BV and another [2015] EWHC 2752 (Pat), is 2 October 2015 ruling by Mr Justice Norris, in the Patents ...

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Chatham House Report On Antibiotics Gives Evidence For Drug R&D Delinkage from

A new report from Chatham House presenting suggestions for novel business models for antibiotics calls for models in which the return on investment in research and development is not dependent on the volume of sales ...

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WIPO Hears From The Creators Behind Copyright Protection In Global Film from

A private sector panel at the World Intellectual Property Organization this week explored the collaborative relationships that develop between screenwriters, producers, and directors around the world as they bring a project from an initial idea ...

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Denial of Inter Partes Review of Patent-in-Suit Excluded Due to Potential Jury Confusion and Prejudice from

The court granted defendant's motion in limine under FRE 403 to preclude plaintiff from presenting evidence that the PTAB denied defendant's petition for inter partes review of the patent-in-suit. "There appears to be ...

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Nvidia loses at ITC in suit against Samsung from

In a suit at the ITC, Nvidia asserted that Samsung and Qualcomm infringed its patents with Qualcomm's Snapdragon processors and Samsung's Exynos processors and was seeking to prevent the import of several Samsung ...

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Mass plagiariam of Ph.D. theses from

Back in 2007, IPBiz discussed events of copying on college admission essays, with one identical "story" appearing in many essays:

The "red flag" was the appearance of hundreds of applications mentioning "burning a hole ...

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