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post image Squaring the Cercle: a Kat takes a look at this year's IP Summit from

IP on a plate: the Cumberland Sausage
is not a thing to be trifled with ...
Winter 2015 is a great time for 10th anniversaries in the intellectual property world.  Not all such anniversaries are marked ...

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post image Nestlé's Kit Kat: a one-sided debate? from

Not everyone agrees with
the media on IP matters
Those Kit Kat chocolate biscuit fingers positively refuse to lie down: here they are again, in all their glory.  Readers will recall fellow Kat Eleonora breaking ...

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post image Guest Post: To File a CON? Empirical Popularity and Prosecution Outcomes from

Guest Post by Kate S. Gaudry, Ph.D and Thomas D. Franklin, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP.  The opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of ...

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post image It could only happen in America: PETA litigates over macaque selfie from

This Kat was quite content when all the news items concerning Ella the selfie-taking black macaque had gone quiet [on which see earlier Katpost here]. For one thing, he thinks that even relatively plain cats ...

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Supreme Court To Consider 12 Patent Petitions Monday from

So far, there are zero patent cases (or other IP cases) on the Supreme Court's docket this Term. But tomorrow is the first conference since the Court's summer break, also known as the ...

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Statistics on the use of 101 at PTAB from IPWatchdog from

In a post titled PTAB Wonderland: Statistics show Alice PTAB interpretation not favorable to patent applicants , IPWatchdog concludes

Overall, the above statistics provide a depressing prognosis for those who are hoping that the PTAB will ...

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Another German politician charged with plagiarizing Ph.D. thesis from

Of the case of alleged plagiarism by German Defence Minister Ursula van der Leyen:

The Berlin-based law professor Gerhard Dannemann, who investigated her thesis and published his findings on the internet platform Vroniplag Wiki, said ...

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The Lost ‘Art’ of the Patent System from

by Dennis Crouch Sean O’Connor has released a draft version of his new article titled The Lost ‘Art’ of the Patent System.  O’Connor builds on his earlier UChicago Article on the meaning of ...

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