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post image Citing References – An Alternative Look from

A lot has been said for the increased number of references being submitted to patent examiners.  It is true that the average number of references submitted per application continues to skyrocket and for patents issued ...

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post image Friday Fun - Patent for Action Figures with Interchangeable Brains from

Ann Robl

Hats off to Uncle Milton Industries and inventor Mr. Poesch for this entertaining patent (U.S. 7,338,340). 

Each toy starts as a stereotypical character with a set of sayings spoken in ...

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post image Fashion Law and Debates - from Balenciaga to DVF from

I see IP everywhere. Everywhere.  Including a reasonably trashy beach read in Spain. El sigh.

Flicking through my sandy copy of El Pais, I noticed a familiar face.  That of IP and Fashion scholar Susan ...

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post image "Simple Past, Present Continuous ...Future Perfect?" GFIP Conference Report V from

This Kat encountered some technical issues that prevented him from completing his final report on the GFIP 2015 programme earlier. He does so now. The GFIP programme broke out into two parallel sessions for each ...

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Octopus Genome Sequenced from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- Invertebrate zoology is in many ways the most comprehensive survey course on biology, encompassing most multicellular life on the planet. (Indeed, the study of the Order Coleoptera alone, comprising the beetles ...

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What determines the plaintiff’s court selection in patent litigation? from

"What determines the plaintiff’s court selection in patent litigation?" This question is being addressed at a conference, European Policy for Intellectual Property, which is taking place at the University of Glasgow next week on ...

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Single-APJ Institution Pilot Program -- USPTO Requests Written Comments for IPR Proceedings from

By Andrew Williams -- On August 25, 2015, the United States Patent and Trademark Office published a "Request for Comments on a Proposed Pilot Program Exploring an Alternative Approach to Institution Decisions in Post Grant Administrative ...

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UK To Introduce Webmarking For Registered Designs from

With strong backing from interested parties in the intellectual property community, the United Kingdom government plans to introduce legislation to give registered UK or European Community design holders the option to mark their products with ...

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Failure to Show Nexus Between Patented Invention and Alleged Harm Precludes Preliminary Injunction from

The court denied plaintiff's motion for a preliminary injunction to preclude defendant from selling its accused semiconductor inspection products because plaintiff failed to establish irreparable harm based on incumbency/vendor lock-in. "[Plaintiff'] argument of ...

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New York Stock Exchange going after its customers over patents? from

A press release on August 7, 2014 noted: Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE:ICE), the leading global network of exchanges and clearing houses, announced today that it has acquired intellectual property rights that relate to computerized trading ...

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Trade secret issue between Jing Zeng and Machine Zone/"Game of War" from

The Wall Street Journal noted:

After working at a string of Chinese and U.S. technology jobs, Mr. Zeng landed at Machine Zone in late 2014, according to his LinkedIn profile. The Palo Alto, Calif ...

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Dow v. NOVA: Maybe Nautilus Does Matter from

In June 2014, the Supreme Court held in Nautilus v. Biosig that the Federal Circuit's "insolubly ambiguous" test for indefiniteness was "more amorphous than the statutory definiteness requirement allows," and that the proper test ...

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Here Are All the Amicus Briefs That Have Been Filed Seeking En Banc Rehearing of Ariosa v. Sequenom from

Yesterday I posted the amici brief I filed on behalf of BIO and PhRMA seeking en banc rehearing of Ariosa v. Sequenom.  Here are links to all twelve amicus briefs that were filed, in one ...

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India: Caution On Classifying Traditional Knowledge Under IPR from

From The Hindu: Even as the government has initiated the process of vetting a draft Bill on the protection and management of traditional knowledge (TK), experts caution against creating monopoly rights on TK and classifying ...

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South African Government Conference Reveals Views On Draft Copyright Bill from

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA -- Stakeholders from various positions of influence in the realm of intellectual property - including government - put a fine tooth comb through the South African Copyright Amendment Bill at a consultative conference called by ...

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Amici Support Sequenom's Petition for Rehearing En Banc from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- The Federal Circuit's Ariosa v. Sequenom decision handed down earlier this summer marked the apex (or nadir, according to your prejudices) of the current trend to limit the scope of ...

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