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post image All change for priority at the EPO? A referral is reviewed from

EPO: some important issues have been flagged
for close attention and an authoritative ruling
The European patent fraternity has been buzzing with excitement over the referral of some of its most controversial issues involving the ...

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post image Patent Litigation in China: a new edition from

Patent Litigation in China, by Douglas Clark, is the second edition of this refreshingly readable and accessible paperback published from the US desk of Oxford University Press.  The author, a member of Hogan Lovell's ...

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post image From food porn to porn with food: the case of PornHub and Parmigiano Reggiano from

Watching PornHub
or reading IPKat instead? 
In times when food porn has become so ubiquitous to be almost cliché, things may get more interesting when food is actually used to advertise porn. 
This is what ...

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post image The USPTO Guidance on Eligibility: a journey into the unknown from

Former guest Kats are always welcome when they purr their way back into our lives. Last week it was Miri Frankel who treated us to a pleasantly unexpected comment on the Google-to-Alphabet branding story (here ...

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The interplay of technology and know-how: the case of cotton mills from

In discussions about technology and innovation is all too easy to focus on the patented technology. Other important concomitant intangible assets are thought to appear as if by magic. The reality is that these other ...

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The odd combination of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Clayton Christensen: who has disruptive technology? from

An interesting post at the Daily Beast by Jonathan Alter manages to include Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump,
and Clayton Christensen in a single paragraph:

To do that, Hillary needs to take more risks, as Trump ...

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Judge Newman in JVC Kenwood v. Nero: Under Rule 56(d), the party requesting discovery must show, inter alia, that “the facts sought exist.” from

Judge Newman wrote in JVC KENWOOD 2 CORPORATION v. NERO, INC.

We conclude that the district court correctly held that,
on JVC’s theory and proffered evidence of infringement,
summary judgment of non-infringement was properly ...

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Kimble v Marvel gets caught up in SCOTUS’s web from

United States Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan is a fan of comics. If you had not already read that in her bio at SCOTUS-tracking blog Supreme Court Review, you might have inferred it from the ...

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U.S. patent office considers Apple's D'677 iPhone design patent invalid on multiple grounds from

Interesting things are still happening from time to time in connection with the generally much less interesting patent dispute between Apple and Samsung. Three months after the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal ...

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Was Google’s Unexpected Move To Create Alphabet About ‘Genericization’? from

When Google announced on 10 August that it was creating an umbrella organisation called Alphabet, encompassing Google itself and its many satellite companies, word spread like fire. The unexpected move left everybody guessing, and some ...

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Federal Circuit Stops Downstream Enforcement of Standard-Essential DVD Patents from

by Dennis Crouch The case here is interesting and important – especially as it relates to patent pools and FRAND license offers.  I have posted the relevant holding, while I think more about its import.  In ...

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IPO Files Amicus Brief in Immersion Corp. v. HTC Corp. from

By Donald Zuhn -- Last week, in Immersion Corp. v. HTC Corp., the Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) filed a brief as amicus curiae in support of Plaintiff-Appellant Immersion Corp. In that case, the District Court ...

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