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post image BREAKING: Jack the Ripper, Victorian Pubs & Curry: Welcome to London's UPC location & UPC Industry Coalition's conduct-based court fees from

The AmeriKat is shocked -
-isn't August supposed to
be a quiet month? After recent announcements of other signatories' UPC court locations, the late summer winds brought questions as to whether the UK Government had ...

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post image Problem with PAIR? USPTO eMod Program Seeks Your Input from

Ann Robl

Something driving you crazy about the USPTO PAIR or EFS-Web systems? Now is your chance to suggest changes.

As recently discussed on the USPTO Director’s Forum, the USPTO eCommerce Modernization (eMod) Project ...

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post image Rime and reason? Fashion flare-up over vandal-eyes'd graffiti from

Not all members of the Kat family are equally well-informed when it comes to ladies' fashions; this is a potentially serious omission, given the number of felines over the years who have involuntarily donated their ...

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post image Benedict Cumberbatch and all those naughty theatre goers: can performers' rights be of any help? from

Typical camera spotting shocked expressionOver the past couple of days several media [eg here, here, here ...] have reported the news of British actor and national treasure Benedict Cumberbatch's plea [available here] for help ...

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post image Aldgate for London's Unified Patent Court: what they say ... from

The British patent profession seems to be welcoming the news that the London division of the Unified Patent Court will be located in Aldgate, on the 8th floor of Aldgate Tower. Here are the first ...

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Guest Post -- The Emergent Microbiome: A Revolution for the Life Sciences – Part I, R&D Leaders from

Editor's note: This is the first part in a series that will explore the current and potential developments of microbiome research, and how those developments interface with intellectual property protection. By Jessica Miles* and ...

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Patentlyo Bits and Bytes by Anthony McCain from

Martin Denholm: Airbus Wins Patent For Mach 4.5 Hypersonic Jet Sarah Bro: No Copyright In Individual Contributions To A Film Derek Quizon: More IP Rights For Students Sought Senator Jeff Danielson: The Path To ...

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Plaintiff's Discovery Misconduct and Late Waiver of Privilege Warrant Adverse Inference and Possible Finding of Inequitable Conduct from

The Court imposed an adverse inference sanction on plaintiff in light of (i) plaintiff's waiver of privilege in declarations filed in connection with a bench trial (in lieu of live testimony) on inequitable conduct ...

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The Economist flashes back to 1851 from

In a post titled Amendment of the patent laws, the Economist had a quote from July 1851:

A leader in our July 26th issue that year thundered that the granting of patents “excites fraud, stimulates ...

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Guest Post by Prof. Burstein: Ethicon v. Covidien — Some key design patent issues from

In this post, Sarah Burstein, Associate Professor of Law at the University of Oklahoma College of Law, examines the design patent components of the Federal Circuit’s recent Ethicon decision.  Dennis’s discussion of the ...

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Chevron deference invoked by CAFC in Suprema v. ITC from

From the decision:

Section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930, codified at 19
U.S.C. § 1337 (“Section 337”), declares certain acts unlawful.
Among them is importing “articles that . . . infringe a
valid and enforceable ...

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Judicial Notice of MPEP from

In the recent decision of AIRBUS SAS v. FIREPASS CORPORATION, No. 2014-1808 (Fed. Cir. July 17, 2015), the CAFC gave a tip of the hat to the MPEP by noting: “The MPEP [is] commonly relied ...

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