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post image Thursday thingies from

Forthcoming events.  Apart from the usual treats that are listed on the IPKat's Forthcoming Events page, there are some more exotic attractions in store for readers of this weblog.  One such attraction takes place ...

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post image Unified Patent Court Agreement: Portugal's in -- and it's official from

We have learned today from João Jorge (RCF Intellectual Property Raul César Ferreira (Herd) SA) that today's Official Journal of the Portuguese Republic has published
* the Decree of the President of the Republic nº ...

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post image First FDA Approved 3D Printed Pharmaceutical from

Lewis Craft

The first FDA approved 3D printed pharmaceutical is an epilepsy drug produced by Aprecia Pharmaceuticals Company (“Aprecia”). In its press release, Aprecia noted that the epilepsy drug, called Spritam® levetiracetam, has been approved ...

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post image C-151/05: Most predictable CJEU order ever? from

The Portuguese collective rights society Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores CRL (SPA) sued a bar owner who played the radio through loudspeakers for the enjoyment of his patrons. In March 2015, the Tribunal da Relação de ...

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Microsoft Corporation v. Proxyconn, Inc. (Fed. Cir. 2015) from

By Andrew Williams -- Earlier this week, we noted that parties wishing to challenge IPR Final Written Decisions from the PTAB on appeal to the Federal Circuit would face an uphill challenge. However, even if that ...

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IP professionals: "exclusive" sounds classy, but "inclusive" is better from

"We are a group of like-minded professionals working in IP, committed to improving equality, diversity and inclusivity in our community". This is the claim of IP Inclusive, an initiative that dates back to the beginning ...

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No Rule 11 Sanctions for Unsuccessful RICO Counterclaim Against NPE Plaintiff from

The court denied plaintiff's motion for Rule 11 sanctions after the court dismissed defendant's RICO claims. "Defendant contends that its counterclaim was 'premised on a far broader and more nefarious course of conduct ...

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International Intellectual Property Law Updates from

Ripped in the UK: UK Copyright Law includes a limited fair-use exception – known as “fair dealing.”  In 2014, the UKIPO announced a broadening of the exceptions to include private copying of your own copies (e ...

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Going beyond technical to other intangible skills from

One of the key points of the intangible capital framework is that it stresses the importance of multiple forms of capital. Technical assets and skills, embedded in both human capital and structural capital, are only ...

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Self-serving statements do not constitute substantial evidence from

In this trademark/cyberquatting case, the CAFC re-iterated that "self-serving statements do not constitute
substantial evidence." (from the earlier case, Home Meridian Int’l, Inc.
v. United States, 772 F.3d 1289, 1295 (Fed. Cir ...

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First published claim:

A commercial method for producing a fermentation product comprising: a. providing a production culture comprising recombinant cells capable of producing butanol and a production media comprising 1. nicotinic acid, nicotinamid, or a ...

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