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post image The AMBA Consultation on the Reform of the Boards of Appeal from

Fellow Kat Jeremy briefly reported that AMBA (the Association of the Members of the Boards of Appeal) has launched its own consultation on its proposed new structure of governance for the Boards of Appeal of ...

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post image Microsoft vs. Motorola: US court grants damages for attempted enforcement of standard essential patents in Germany from

Both Motorola and Microsoft are members of the standard setting organisations Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ("IEEE") and the International Telecommunication Union ("ITU"). Motorola owns numerous patents that are essential to the IEEE 802 ...

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Trustees of Columbia University v. Illumina, Inc. (P.T.A.B. 2015) from

By Andrew Williams -- One of the first IPR petitions ever filed, IPR2012-0006, was related to biotechnology -- specifically DNA sequencing. Illumina, Inc. filed that petition, and two others, IPR2012-00007 and IPR2013-00011, against patents owned by The ...

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“Men of Progress” depicts U.S. inventing’s, past, present and future from

A group portrait that honors America’s rich invention history captures its greatest inventors in a moment in time that never actually occurred.   The painting hangs in the grand, neo-classical National Portrait Gallery in Washington ...

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IRS Determination That License Agreements Were Not Arms Length Not Relevant to Determination of Reasonable Royalty from

The court denied defendant's motion to compel the production of documents regarding the IRS's determination that plaintiff's licensing agreements with its Puerto Rican subsidiary were not arms-length transactions because the documents were ...

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Patent and Trade Secret Legislation Updates from

There are a number of patent and trade secret related bills pending in Congress. Here are a few updates: INNOVATION ACT: Rep. Goodlatte’s Innovation Act (H.R. 9) proposes a set of changes to ...

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Marvell v. Carnegie Mellon: $300 million is a lot, but not $1.5 billion from

The Federal Circuit has greatly reduced the $1.5 Billion award to Carnegie Mellon University — leaving a still healthy $278 million to be paid by chip manufacturer Marvell Technology (plus interest) with the potential of ...

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US Patent 9,096,875 to Montana State University (Bozeman, MT) : Bicarbonate trigger for inducing lipid accumulation in algal systems from

From the "summary of invention":

The present invention provides methods of inducing lipid accumulation in an algae growth system. In some embodiments, the methods comprise adding one or more composition into the algae growth system ...

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US 9,099,756 to Samsung: Flame retardant electrolyte for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery including the same from

From the specification:

Lithium rechargeable batteries have recently drawn attention as power sources for small, portable electronic devices. They use organic electrolyte solutions, yielding twice the discharge voltage of conventional batteries using alkali aqueous solutions ...

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Challenges to Allergan patents fail at the CAFC from

The bottom line :

For the reasons that follow, we affirm in all respects.

The background of this Hatch-Waxman case:

After Allergan received FDA-approval of Lumigan 0.01%, Sandoz, Lupin,
Hi-Tech, and Watson each submitted an ...

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CAFC finds largely in favor of Carnegie-Mellon in Marvell case from

In the Carnegie-Mellon case, Marvell appealed rulings on infringement, invalidity,
and damages, as well as willfulness and laches related to US Patents 6,201,839 and 6,438,180.
The outcome was largely adverse to ...

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From Robin Ray to Purple Penguin: a muddle over a commissioned logo from

From Katfriend and one-time guest Kat Rebecca Gulbul, who is proving to be a very useful extra pair of paws during the summer lull, comes this post on last Thursday's decision of Judge ...

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