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post image Friday fantasies from

We'll never know what they were laughing at,
since Twitter took the joke down ...
Twitter jokes: Katpost goes viral and it's no joke! "Lifting Jokes on Twitter", recently posted to this weblog by ...

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post image Something to read? A couple more fresh titles ... from

Secrets: Managing Information Assets in the Age of Cyberespionage, by James Pooley, is a very different kettle of fish from the same author's Trade Secrets, an 800-page blockbuster from US publishing house Law Journal ...

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post image What kind of future does Twitter have? from

For those Kat readers who do not actively follow the corporate earnings reporting season, Second Quarter (Q2) results have been coming in for several weeks. While disappointing results by hi-tech behemoths such as Apple and ...

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post image Fifteen million reasons to say "thank you"! from

This morning (or this evening, if you are basking in the Pacific moonlight) the IPKat's weblog recorded its 15 millionth page view, which works out at a little more than a million a year ...

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Biotech-specific Subject Matter Eligibility Materials Delayed from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- Pursuant to the Notice published in the Federal Register today, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office provided additional materials related to the Office's interpretation of what does (and what ...

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IP litigation in the UK: on the increase, thanks to IPEC from

[Note: a slightly longer version of this post appears on yesterday's IPKat weblog, here]. Back in March, PatLit posted "Patent litigation in England and Wales 2007-2013: is it a predictor for UPC behaviour?", here ...

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Drew Hirshfeld Appointed as New Commissioner of Patents from

By Donald Zuhn -- The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office announced earlier today that U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker has appointed Deputy Commissioner for Patent Examination Policy Drew Hirshfeld to be the new ...

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WHO Heralds Breakthrough On Ebola Vaccine: “Turning Point In History Of Health R&D” from

The World Health Organization announced today that a vaccine preventing Ebola has proved efficacious in Ebola-stricken Guinea, hailing it as a "turning point in the history of health R&D.;"

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Personal Computer Lottery Game Patent Likely Unpatentable Under 35 USC § 101 from

The Board granted institution of covered business method review of a personal computer lottery game patent under 35 U.S.C. § 101. "[T]he concept of a lottery is well known, whereas the steps attributed ...

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Patenting Diagnostic methods from

Interesting essay from Professor Eisenberg on patenting of diagnostic methods.  The basic takeaway is that (1) eligibility limitations mean that new diagnostic methods have little chance of being patent eligible; and (2) it is unclear ...

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Second Oracle v. Google trial most likely to take place between March and September 2016 from

Judge William H. Alsup of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California has just entered a case management and mediation order in the high-profile copyright litigation between Oracle, the Java right ...

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CAFC reverses WDNC in Blue Ridge case; synecdoche not inherently ambiguous from

There was a claim construction issue in SOCIEDAD ESPANOLA DE ELECTROMEDICINA Y
CALIDAD, S.A. v. Blue Ridge ; Phillips was cited:

Claim terms are generally given “the meaning that
the term would have to a ...

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Newegg wins on "prevailing party" issue at CAFC from

The CAFC analyzed "prevailing party" in Pragmatus v. Newegg :

To the extent the district court interprets our precedents
to require a prevailing party to have won a dispute
or benefitted from a substantive court decision ...

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CAFC discusses inherent anticipation in ParkerVision/Qualcomm case from

Of the matter of inherent anticipation:

Only one claim limitation is in dispute here: “performing
a plurality of charging and discharging cycles of the
first and second capacitors to generate first and second
down-converted information ...

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Circuit Check v. QXQ, Inc.: Analogous Art Doctrine from

By Jason Rantanen Circuit Check Inc. v. QXQ Inc. (Fed. Cir. 2015) Download Opinion Panel: Louie, Dyk, Moore (author) Although it shows up only occasionally in the Federal Circuit’s opinions on nonobviousness, the analogous ...

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WIPO Patent Committee Agrees On Future Work, After Uncertainty from

The World Intellectual Property Organization patent law committee today agreed on work programme going forward that includes a balance of North-South issues such as patent quality, patents and health, client-attorney privilege, technology transfer, and exceptions ...

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No Deal Overall, But TPP Ministers Agreed Some IPR Issues In Hawaii, US Says from

While the ministers of the 12 countries negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) acknowledged they are still far apart on certain issues such as dairy, there were some areas of agreement in this week's negotiation ...

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