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post image Tuesday tiddlywinks from

Say what you like about
Huawei, it has a prettier
logo than ZTE

Hooray, hooray -- a rapid response for Huawei!  On 16 July the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) delivered its judgment ...

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post image Gama v Pal: court disposes of wet wipe application from

Gama Healthcare Ltd v Pal International Ltd, an extempore decision last Friday from Judge Richard Hacon in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC), England and Wales, and noted only on the subscription-only Lawtel service, is ...

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post image Letter from AmeriKat: Samsung's Silicon friends, Nintendo triumph, Jay-Z copyright battle & Oracle's Google request from

The AmeriKat lost in a Norwegian WoodAs the court term draws to a close and trial bundles are put away, the AmeriKat has taken the opportunity to revisit some old loves - sleep, cooking, painting ...

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post image PTAB Provides More Guidance for Patent Post Grant Proceedings from

Ann Robl

Recently, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) added the following decisions and order to its list of Representative Orders, Decisions, and Notices regarding patent post grant proceedings:

- A representative order regarding motions ...

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post image Coming soon: the new Spanish Patent Act from

From our friend and occasional contributor Ignacio Marqués Jarque (Abogado, IP/IT, Baker & McKenzie Barcelona, S.L.P.) and his colleague Silvia Saenz de Ormijana comes this very helpful summary of the new Spanish Patent ...

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CBO Provides Cost Estimate to Government to Implement Innovation Act from

By Donald Zuhn -- Earlier this month, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) issued a cost estimate for the Innovation Act (H.R. 9). The bill, which was introduced in February, was reported by the House Committee ...

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Lifting jokes on Twitter: no laughing matter? from

Following a breaking news tweet by Plagiarism is Bad (@PlagiarismBad), over the past couple of days several media have reported [eg hereherehere ...] that Twitter has begun to comply with DMCA takedown requests relating ...

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Ukraine Open Access Initiative Roils Local Authors Seeking Copyright Protection from

It may be an open access initiative, but Ukrainian writers and authors are on the verge of massive protests, due to a recent initiative of the Ukrainian Parliament (Verkhovna Rada) to conduct digitalisation and online ...

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The TPP’s Reckless Proposals For Damages Will Have Negative Impact On Future Reform Of IPR Regimes from

This week negotiators from a dozen countries are meeting to finalize the rules for the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement. When or if concluded, this massive regional trade agreement will set new standards for ...

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Corel Software sues Microsoft for software patent infringement: LivePreview feature in Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint from

While Microsoft has numerous patent cross-license agreements in place (including with dozens of smartphone, tablet and netbook manufacturers who pay Microsoft considerable amounts of royalties on devices powered by Google's Android and Chrome operating ...

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Inconsistent CBM Institution Decision No Abuse of Discretion from

The Board denied the patent owner's request for rehearing of the decision to institute CBM review and rejected the patent owner's argument that institution was improper because the Board previously determined the challenged ...

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Guest Post: Digital Information at the Border from

Guest post by Sapna Kumar.  Prof. Kumar is an Associate Professor at the University of Houston Law Center, where she teaches patents and administrative law. She has written extensively about the ITC. Her most recent ...

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Google’s patent giveaway is not really about saving startups from predators from

The Patent Starter Program announced last week by Google may be less about how the company can help protect young companies from patent “trolls” than re-thinking how patents are most effectively used.  A provocative article ...

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More on post-eBay injunctions from

by Dennis Crouch Earlier this month I highlighted Professor Kesan’s reports on post-eBay injunction jurisprudence. Professor Chris Seaman (W&L;) has posted a parallel (draft) report titled Permanent Injunctions in Patent Litigation After eBay ...

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CAFC addresses analogous art in Circuit Check v. QXQ from

In Circuit Check v. QXQ, the jury had found the claims of the patent
of Circuit Check not invalid as obvious, the district court judge granted judgment as a matter of law
that the claims ...

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Panel: Biotech Industry Executives Shine Light On Their IP Management Strategies from

“IP is a very crucial part of our business and I can’t imagine being in biotech without a very strong emphasis on intellectual property,” a biotech industry executive said during a panel organised at ...

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