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post image Copyright reform through competition law? The Commission’s statement of objections in the pay TV investigation from

Geo-blocking: does it make you roar or yawn? Is geo-blocking, ie something that the Commission considers a priority for copyright reform at the EU level [here], really a copyright issue? Or is it rather a ...

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post image Legality of UPC opt-out fees: Ingve is not alone from

Verdict on the UPC opt-out fee ...?Yesterday PatLit drew the attention of readers to this article by German IP practitioner and scholar Ingve Stjerna on the doubtful legality of the proposal to charge prospective patent ...

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post image Friday fantasies from

... unless you payPay to opt-out: is it legal?  Yesterday PatLit carried a short note referring to a post by European patent package-watcher Ingve Stjerna, in which he asked whether there was any legal basis ...

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post image Any old judge can handle a patent-related contract action, rules court from

Medical Research Council v Celltech R&D; Ltd, an extempore judgment of Mr Justice Nugee in the Chancery Division of the High Court, England and Wales, on 7 July, is noted on the subscription-only Lawtel ...

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post image Where to Play with Saber-tooth Tigers: Some of the Best Oklahoma Science and Discovery destinations – Part I: from

Kathryn Albert

Childhood is full of science. It’s the chemistry experiment of combining your strawberry scented shampoo and your watermelon scented conditioner to see if you can make your own delicious 2-in-1 combo. It ...

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Sensor Based Motion Tracking System Ineligible under Section 101 from

Thales Visionix v. USA and Elbit Systems (Ct. Fed. Clm. 2015). Suing the government is always an interesting proposition because it is government-employed judges who decide whether or not the government is liable. In the ...

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"Don't Stop the Dance"[*] – The Dissents-in-Part from Amgen v. Sandoz from

By Andrew Williams -- As we have been reporting this week, the Federal Circuit handed down its decision in Amgen Inc. v. Sandoz Inc. -- a case of first impression relating to the Biologics Price Competition and ...

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Oracle and Google both propose Android-Java trial dates in the spring of 2016 from

Late on Thursday by local California time, Oracle and Google filed a joint status report (though the order had not explicitly required them to file jointly). As always, they disagree on important procedural matters, but ...

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Intellectual Property Law Under The Prism Of The Right To Culture from

STRASBOURG, FRANCE – Although the right to science and culture has been enshrined in several international treaties, their exact implications in the intellectual property field have remained vague.

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Plaintiff’s Infringement Expert Disqualified Due to Prior Retention by Defendant from

The court granted defendant's motion to disqualify plaintiff's infringement expert because of a conflict of interest based on the expert's past work for defendant in two prior ITC investigations involving the same ...

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Patentlyo Bits and Bytes by Anthony McCain from

Joseph Mandour: Taylor Swift Sued For Trademark Infringement Salo Fajer: Six Tips To Protect Against Intellectual Property Theft Raj Samani: Why Hackers Target Intellectual Property And Business-Confidential Information Sue D. Nym: Thoughts On Ex Parte ...

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Holt still clueless on patent reform from

Mytheos Holt has another post on patent reform titled: The Fight Against Patent Trolls Is About Principle: link:

He suggests that patent reform was bipartisan. He omits ...

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