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post image Monday miscellany from

Old Nick. Regular readers will know that the IPKat, Merpel and other friends like to congregate at The Old Nick, Sandland Street, Holborn, from time to time in order to while away the late afternoon ...

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post image Letter from AmeriKat: US patent litigation boom, Netflix's Rovi win, Triumphant Tory and Ford trade secrets from

The AmeriKat welcoming the rain after a stormy
summer season
There is nothing like a summer storm.  Late in July, the gloomy London clouds bend down to embrace the top of the City skyline causing ...

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post image Green J quashes UK private copying regulations from

Private ...IPKat readers might remember [here] that a few weeks ago Green J issued a judgment concerning the recently introduced  exception for personal copies for private use (s28B of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act ...

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post image Never too late: if you missed the IPKat last week ... from

Once again we have the privilege of being able to depend on the wonderful services of our dear Katfriend Alberto Bellan, for carefully preparing this week's round-up of last week's substantive Katposts. New ...

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Conference & CLE Calendar from

July 20-21, 2015 - Patent Cooperation Treaty Seminar (American Intellectual Property Law Association) - San Francisco, CA July 22, 2015 - "Navigating Ex Parte Reexamination and Reissue Applications -- The Mechanics of Preparation and Interplay with AIA Post-Grant Proceedings ...

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Court Report from

By Sherri Oslick -- About Court Report: Each week we will report briefly on recently filed biotech and pharma cases. Alcon Research Ltd. v. Akorn Inc. 1:15-cv-00474; filed June 11, 2015 in the District Court ...

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Which way is Congress going on patent reform; the 101 question. from

A post related to Ariosa v. Sequenom concludes with the following text:

If the concern is that the inventions would be obvious or are not enabled or are not fully within the grasp of the ...

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Cuba Says It Has Protected 5000 US IPRs, While US Violates Its Rights from

Cuba has been trying for many years to get the United States to undo a law that prevents Cuba from defending a rum brand trademark in US courts. This week at the World Trade Organization ...

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Materiality Not Resolved by Disclosing Previously Withheld References in New Application from

The court denied plaintiff's motion for summary judgment that its call center patent was not unenforceable for inequitable conduct and rejected plaintiff's argument regarding a lack of materiality. "Plaintiff argues that the PTO ...

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Fighting for Peace and Love from

Juice Generation v. GS Enterprises (Fed. Cir. 2015) Juice Generation has been seeking a registration on its mark “Peace Love and Juice” for its juice bar business but has been challenged by GSE who holds ...

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Techcrunch on Google’s New, Simplified Patent Search from

Google modifies Google.patents on July 16. Techcrunch observes:

Google has been a significant player in many facets of the patent world — as a creator, critic, litigator, buyer and big data indexer. Today, it’s ...

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Versata alleges Ford stole trade secrets from

From within a post by Alisa Priddle, Detroit Free Press :

"We are in a serious dispute with Ford," said Michael Richards, president of the global automotive division of Trilogy, parent company of Versata. Prior to ...

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Federal Circuit Affirms IPR Invalidation of Columbia University Next-Generation Sequencing Patents from

On July 17, 2015, in Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York v. Illumina , the Federal Circuit affirmed inter partes review (IPR) decisions invalidating all challenged claims in three Columbia University patents ...

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Juice Generation gets a remand on PEACE LOVE AND JUICE mark from

From the decision:

Juice Generation applied to the Patent and Trade-
mark Office to register a mark consisting of
and a design for use with its juice bar services.
GS Enterprises ...

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Webcast on Anticipating Future Challenges on Chinese IP from

Mark Cohen of the USPTO will be presenting a webcast from the Denver PTO this Friday titled “Anticipating Future Challenges on Chinese IP, Why Being Up-to-Date is Not Enough.”  I understand from a colleague that ...

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CAFC in Airbus v. Firepass from

From Airbus v. Firepass:

However, the provision requiring a determination of a
substantial new question of patentability was not appli-
cable to the case once the Director already had ordered
reexamination on the ground that ...

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