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post image Samuel Slater and the American industrial revolution: trade secret misappropriation then and now from

For Kat readers who like to think about the misappropriation of trade secrets and know-how in terms of a black and white morality play—where the Chinese are systematically purloining industrial and cyber information (or ...

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post image Prosecution Pendency Thoughts from

The first chart below shows one view of how patent prosecution pendency is generally improving.  In particular, the chart shows the percentage of patents that took more than three years from filing to issuance.  As ...

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post image The Case That Time Forgot: Dutch can now blow cobwebs off old Bacardi from

Like a good dinner, a good drink with friends and a few other special things in life, a good piece of litigation should be savoured rather than rushed.  Case C 379/14 TOP Logistics BV ...

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post image Friday fantasies from

Engineers, this is for you. A reader has asked this Kat if he can recommend any examples of well-drafted engineering patents. No Kat would be so rash as to make his or her own personal ...

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post image Not Kool: EU General Court decides on the DINKOOL trade mark from

It seems that these days the inclusion of well-known names in new trade marks is quite common, or at least an attempt to do so in the guise of creativity. This Kat has often pondered ...

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post image Ex Parte Reexam Filings from

By Jason Rantanen In my Patent Law Year in Review talk this morning at the Wisconsin Bar Association’s Tenth Annual Door County Intellectual Property Law Academy, I touched briefly on ex parte reexamination filings ...

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18th draft of UPC rules "well received" from

Via William Jensen (Marks&Clerk; solicitors) comes this link to some exciting news for those who are itching to get litigating in Europe's experimental Unified Patent Court (UPC). This latest information reads thus:
10th ...

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UNCTAD Official: Need For Policy Coherence In Local Pharmaceutical Production from

Despite progress in recent years to boost local pharmaceutical production in developing countries, policy coherence across the countries is lacking, according to an official at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

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Is The European Unitary Patent System On Its Way To A Tepid Start? from

For nearly two decades, the European Union has pondered the completion of a unitary patent system (UP) and a Unitary Patent Court (UPC). But even after the European Court of Justice has ruled the UP ...

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On-Demand Media Bookmarking Patent Invalid Under 35 USC § 101 from

The court granted defendant's motion for summary judgment that plaintiff's on-demand media bookmarking patent was invalid for lack of patentable subject matter because the claims were directed to abstract ideas and lacked an ...

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