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post image Failure to Generate REAL Patent Protection: Keurig’s Story (Part 1) from

Innovators–be they individuals or corporations–frequently view patent protection as the key to capturing value from the time and money invested in creating a successful product. Indeed, conventional wisdom dictates that a patent covering ...

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post image EU Parliament rejects restrictions on freedom of panorama and ancillary right over news content from

Commissioner Oettinger was very active
 on Twitter this morning ...
This morning the plenary of the European Parliament voted on the draft Report on the implementation of the InfoSoc Directive, as originally drafted [here] by MEP ...

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post image Barcelona makes special fast-track provision for MWC-related litigation from

From our friend Ignacio Marqués Jarque (Abogado. IP/IT Baker & McKenzie Barcelona, S.L.P.) comes news of a fascinating development from Barcelona -- a special fast-track procedure that covers patents and the protection of confidential ...

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post image Off to Court We Go - 9th Circuit Opens Question of Trademark Infringement in Search Result Listings from

Michelle Briggs

The intersection of trademark law and technology just got a lot more interesting.  On June 6th, 2015, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit issued an opinion reversing a ...

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Ops and Robbers? Amazon's trade mark travails in the US from

Whatever your feelings about the doctrine of initial interest confusion [Mr Justice Arnold was in favour here and here; "no, no, no" said the Court of Appeal for England and Wales], it's a fascinating ...

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Paper: Commons Approach To European Knowledge Policy Could Yield Better Outcomes from

A new paper released earlier this month finds that the commons perspective, which embraces knowledge as a shared resource and its management a joint responsibility, could contribute to EU policy discussions and yield better policy ...

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$532.9 Million Jury Verdict Set Aside Due to Correct, but Inapplicable, Jury Instruction on Entire Market Value Rule from

The court set aside the jury's $532.9 million verdict and ordered a new trial on damages because the jury received an instruction on the entire market value rule that was inapplicable inasmuch as ...

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3D Printing And Public Policy from

John Hornick writes: Although legal principles apply to 3D printing the same as they apply to any other technology, 3D printing has the unique potential to upset the legal status quo. It is the potential ...

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EU Parliament Adopts Reda Report On Copyright Reform from

The European Parliament during its last plenary meeting before the summer break today adopted a non-legislative report on copyright reform prepared by Pirate Party Member Julia Reda. The report calls for an adaptation of the ...

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Versata v. SAP: Federal Circuit Claims Broad Review of CBM Decisions from

by Dennis Crouch Versata v. SAP and the USPTO (Fed. Cir. 2015) This an important decision stemming from the first Covered Business Method (CBM) Review Proceeding, the Federal Circuit has affirmed the PTAB properly cancelled ...

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CAFC addresses "business method" patent issues in Versata v. SAP from

The outcome of the Versata case:

With regard to the issues in the case, we conclude:

• On appeal in a § 18 case to this court of a
final written decision by the PTAB,
as a ...

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More Cuozzo at CAFC from

Further to earlier posts on IPBiz (e.g., Judge Newman in Cuozzo was correct on Congressional intent on claim construction standard ) note the CAFC opinion of 8 July 2015 in the Cuozzo case located at ...

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PTAB renders decision related to dispute between San Francisco-based Square Inc. and Washington University prof Robert Morley Jr. from

St. Louis Today summarized the recent activity:

San Francisco-based Square Inc. and St. Louisan Jim McKelvey, a Square co-founder along with Square co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey, sued Washington University associate professor Robert Morley Jr ...

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JEB Bush said: "workforce participation has to rise from its all-time modern lows" from

Further to the IPBiz post The "new normal" in jobs predicted long ago by William Bridges , there has been some discussion of comments by JEB Bush, specifically the Bush text:

"My aspiration for the country ...

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The Circuit Court Appointment Process, Post Senate Confirmation from

The Congressional Research Service explains the appointment process for circuit court nominees, after Senate confirmation, as follows [Link]: After Confirmation of a Nomination Reconsideration Senate Rule XXXI provides that, after the Senate has confirmed a ...

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