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post image Multiple personality disorder amongst the public for Community designs? from

This is the question posed by Katfriend Gerben Hartman (Brinkhof N.V.)  in relation to the recent judgment of the General Court (GC) in Group Nivelles/OHIMT-15/13
Here's what Gerben writes:
"In ...

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post image Expedited Patent Appeal Pilot Program from

Lewis Craft

 Graphic available on

USPTO Implements Expedited Patent Appeal Pilot Program

                Officially announced in a Federal Register Notice on June 15, 2015, the USPTO has implemented the Expedited Patent Appeal Pilot Program ...

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post image Life sciences come to life again, this time in Berlin from

The best part of a year ago ("A matter of life and death? No, it's more important than that. Life sciences in the limelight", here), this Kat waxed lyrical on the then-forthcoming Life Sciences ...

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post image Undermined by Hamsters - T 1846/10 from

The decision T 1846/10 of one of the EPOs technical boards of appeal relates to a method for cultivating live vaccines. The method includes cultivating attenuated L. intracellularis bacteria to obtain strains which are ...

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post image Katonomics: Anything Under the Tuscan Sun from

Your Katonomist is delighted to return her paws to IPKat.  Economics, evidence, biker gangs and terrible puns await.
Judge as you may, but while this Kat was sunning herself in Italy, she was reading Howkins ...

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South Africa Says WIPO Broadcasting Treaty Would Address Piracy As African Production Grows from

As the broadcasting sector is growing in developing countries, concern over piracy of the signal of their broadcasts is rising, according to delegates from South Africa. Delegates attending last week’s World Intellectual Property Organisation ...

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Copyright And The Public Interest: Not Necessarily Competing Forces from

Copyright protection advances the public interest, and good public policy must properly consider “the role of intellectual property as a tool for economic emancipation, a catalyst for cultural diversity, and a powerful protector of individual ...

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May trade in intangibles from

This morning's trade data from the BEA shows a drop in U.S. exports, echoing poor export levels of January through March. As a result, the May deficit rose by $1.25 billion to ...

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New Report Documents Mobile’s Fundamental Change To Internet Use from

A new report released today shows how mobile technology has fundamentally transformed internet access and use. The report gives forecasts and makes recommendations for policymakers going forward. Among the findings is the rapid rise in ...

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Reliance on Nash Bargaining Solution Warrants Exclusion of Expert’s Reasonable Royalty Scenario from

The court granted defendant's motion to exclude the testimony of plaintiff's damages expert regarding a reasonable royalty scenario for applying the Nash Bargaining Solution. "The [Federal Circuit] ultimately held that NBS theories should ...

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They-Who-Must-not-be-Named-or-at-Least-Must-not-be-Named-THAT from

The tangled history of Pro Football, Inc (PFI) and the issue of disparaging trademarks is back in the spotlight with recent accusations of bribery and an anti-Washington Redskins prime time commercial from the National Congress ...

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Patentlyo Bits and Bytes by Anthony McCain from

Donald Zuhn: Top 100 Universities Receiving Patents In 2014 Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft, Kyocera Settle Patent Suit Jack Purcher: Apple Sued Over “Ion-X” Glass Branding Christopher Versace: Congress Should Protect IP Patent Rights Louis Carbonneau ...

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Vinson Conlan’s LED Patent Report: What’s at Stake in Cree v. Feit? from

A previous post reported on the LED patent lawsuit between North Carolina LED manufacturer Cree and Feit Electric Company in which Cree has alleged infringement of a number of utility and design patents. There are ...

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Kara Stoll Confirmed by US Senate from

According to C-Span (Link), Kara Stoll was confirmed today by the US Senate to be the newest member of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.  Ninety-five members of the Senate voted ...

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TISA Stocktaking Meeting Also Might Have To Face Growing Protests from

With the veil of secrecy lifted a little more on the strictly secret talks of the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) after Wikileaks published large chunks of negotiating text, delegations gathered for negotiations of the ...

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