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post image Letter from AmeriKat: No Supreme Court rescue for Google in Oracle dispute and Microsoft/Kyocera settlement from

The AmeriKat giving tribute to Old GloryAlthough she has spent the bulk of her life in the UK, the AmeriKat is undeniably American.  Her meows have a distinctive American twang, she is generally positive ...

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post image Arnold J rules on the Beatles, a documentary on their first US concert ever ... and US fair use from

Here Comes the Sun
also for the defendants in this case?
Can the unauthorised use of copyright-protected works amounting to nearly 42' in a 95' film be considered fair use under §107 of the US ...

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Le rouge et le noir: when colour hits the IP headlines from

When does a red rose look too much like a red rose?  Not everybody spotted this item in the Scottish press last week, but this Kat is surprised that he did not receive the link ...

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