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post image Ukunono, The Battle of the Ukulele Orchestras Plays its Last Tune from

Trade marks and their distinctiveness seem to be the cats meow late this week, and this Kat thoroughly enjoyed Jeremy’s wonderful lounge read on the Sofaworks case. Yet it seems the discussion is all ...

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Forbes pushes the "Innovation Act", again from

A Forbes piece titled Congress Should Protect Intellectual Property Patent Rights is in fact a booster for Goodlatte's Innovation Act. Trial lawyers are implicated as boogeymen, and "loser pays" is the solution?

From within ...

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More on the Jawbone trade secret matter from

A post at lexology goes into the Jawbone "trade secret" matter:

A problematic issue is the failure to explicitly identify "trade secrets" apart from the more ...

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Awarding attorney from

Awards for attorney's fees, and contract law generally, are topics in the case Buckhorn v. Orbis .

Of relevance to "loser pays" in the Goodlatte Innovation Act, note the text:

“the narrow exceptions to ...

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The "new normal" in jobs predicted long ago by William Bridges from

One of the challenges in obviousness analysis in patent law is predictability. Cotropia, for example, spoke about
"predictability of result." As one "non-patent" example, contemplate the foreseeability, long ago, of the present jobs situation.

An ...

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