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post image The Supreme Court in Starbucks (HK); on adjectives and reluctance to embrace change from

The 13 May ruling of the UK Supreme Court in Starbucks (HK) and another v British Sky Broadcasting Group  was well summarized by fellow Kat David Brophy. To remind Kat readers, the Supreme Court held ...

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post image Pots and kettles, glass houses and stones -- the USA and Canada exchange views on juridiction from

In this guest post, long-time Katfriend Dan Bereskin (Bereskin & Parr LLP) gently chides the United States for its regular criticism of its northern neighbour for failure to take sufficient steps to deal with piracy and ...

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post image Lack of fair compensation requirement in UK private copying exception not supported by sufficient evidence, High Court rules from

The good news was
that at last you could finally copy this ...
Is a national private copying exception that does not come with a "fair compensation" requirement - as is the case of the recently introduced ...

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post image Going Dutch: a national initiative on data breach notification overtakes EU proposal from

A data dateThe momentum towards EU data protection reform is currently advancing towards a new text for a Regulation on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the ...

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MIP in-house survey on in-house attitudes to unified patent court and unitary patent: can you help? from

This blogger's friends at Managing Intellectual Property magazine are running a survey, in which PatLit readers who work in-house are invited, indeed urged, to participate.  As MIP explains:
The past few months have seen ...

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IANA Transition Slipping; Technical Communities Ask For Phases from

Preparations for transitioning the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) – with core elements of the global internet - out of United States oversight do not appear to on track for the 30 September deadline. As a result ...

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Gilead suffers IP reverse in China from

China has rejected a patent application of Gilead, related to a precursor drug to Sovaldi

Reuters noted:

Officials at China's State Intellectual Property Office did not confirm the decision when contacted by Reuters, but ...

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Delay in Filing IPR Weighs Against Litigation Stay from

The court denied without prejudice defendants' motion to stay pending their petition for inter partes review and found that the potential undue prejudice to plaintiff weighed against a stay where defendants filed their petition just ...

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CAFC reverses, remands ED Va case in TomTom v. Adolph; TomTom loses from

In this case, there were European antecedents:

This dispute began in 2011 when Dr. Adolph’s German
company, AOT Systems GmbH (“AOT”), accused
TomTom of infringing EP 0 988 508 B1 (“EP ’508”), the
’836 ...

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Agilent and Tecan Sued for Infringement of Patents Claiming Microarray Technology: The Back Story of an Apparently Non-Practicing Entity from

On June 18, 2015, Gene Reader LLC sued Agilent and Tecan in the Eastern District of Texas, alleging infringement of United States Patent Nos. 6,545,758 (the "'758 patent") and 6,567,163 (the ...

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Intuitive Surgical and trolls from

In a discussion of Intuitive Surgical, Forbes gets into issues of --patent trolling-- in the robotic surgery space.

One suit against Intuitive Surgical was brought by Alisanos LLC after Medicanica – a company that retained surgical ...

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David Lumb on Michelle Lee's plan for the US Patent Office from

Lumb's piece starts out poorly:

Tech media’s patent coverage typically centers on two rather unseemly arenas: patent trolls, who profit from frivolous copyright lawsuits against larger companies, and tech titans slugging it out ...

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