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post image Monarchy in the United States: validity is king, for patents at any rate from

The IPBC Global 2015 Intellectual Property Business Conference is being this year in the Palace Hotel, San Francisco, to the delight of its close-on-700 participants. The first three sessions, two plenaries dealing respectively with patent ...

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post image Never too late: if you missed the IPKat last week ... from

It's time to celebrate reaching another memorable if admittedly arbitrary milestone in the IPKat's long and endless trek through the wonderful world of intellectual property. This week sees our 50th 'Never Too Late ...

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post image Median Patent Prosecution Pendency from

    The chart below shows the median patent prosecution pendency over the past decade (2005-2015).  You’ll note a steady rise in pendency up until 2010 with a subsequent steady fall since that time. I expect ...

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WIPO-WEF: Pairing Developing Country Inventors With Patent Attorneys from

Under the new Inventor Assistance Program established jointly by the World Intellectual Property Organization and the World Economic Forum, inventors and small businesses with limited financial means coming from a developing country will be able ...

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Should conservatives back patent reform? from

Steven Titch writes in favor of patent reform at TheHill:

The push for patent reform is truly bipartisan, and, as R Street Institute’s Zach Graves pointed out this week, was initially driven by Republicans ...

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Poor ROI from top R&D companies is a red flag, says Forbes columnist from

Which companies are truly (disruptively) innovative and which are merely using their R&D; to maintain a low-growth franchise has become the subject of worthy debate. Forbes columnist Alan Hartung, believes that some of the ...

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Expert's Violation of Prosecution Bar Warrants Exclusion of Testimony from

The court partially granted defendants' motion to enforce a prosecution bar against plaintiff's expert who prosecuted a patent involving the relevant technology after receiving defendants' confidential information. The court ordered the expert to return ...

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Trade bill passes Congress; "trade" deal doesn't from

Last week, the House of Representatives passed a trade bill while not passing a "trade" bill. The trade bill is H.R.1295 - Trade Preferences Extension Act of 2015. That bill pass the House on ...

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Electronic Commerce Patenting from

On June 16, I will be taking part in an ABA-hosted Webinar on Patent Subject Matter Eligibility Post-Alice Corp. Our 1.5 hour panel includes myself, Charles Bieneman, Robert Sachs and Alexis Liistro as moderator ...

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PTAB pilot program: abandon one appeal and get special priority for another appeal from

Late breaking news from Carl Oppedahl's blog: a brand new pilot program at the PTAB allows an Applicant to get special priority for one application already on appeal, by withdrawing the appeal of another ...

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USPTO Releases Enhancements to Private PAIR from

ADVISORY (13Jun2015) USPTO Announces Enhancements to Private PAIR Beginning on June 13, 2015, users will notice several new Private PAIR features that will allow users to self-administer a number of routine administrative tasks that previously ...

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Eligibility 101: Motion to Dismiss Ends Another Patent from

OIP v. Amazon (Fed. Cir. 2015) In a short-but-important opinion, the Federal Circuit has affirmed a district court’s finding (on motion-to-dismiss) that OIP’s patent claims are invalid as lacking patent eligible subject matter ...

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EPO Director Says Keep Patent Harmonisation Multilateral; Defends Staff Moves from

European Patent Office President Benoît Batistelli, in an exchange with the Legal Affairs Committee (Juri) of the European Parliament today (15 June), recommended against including harmonisation of patent policy in bilateral negotiations like the Trans-Atlantic ...

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Interim Guidance Status Check from

By Grantland Drutchas -- As of Tuesday, June 16th, we have been living with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's "2014 Interim Guidance on Patent Subject Matter Eligibility" ("Guidance") for six months. Although the ...

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