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post image IP aspects of busking (aka the street performer hoping for donations) from

If there were a competition for the worst saxophone player ever, this Kat would be a worthy candidate. Eight years of lessons and a summer at music camp did little to change the bitter reality ...

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post image Second estimate of 1Q 2015 GDP and worrisome R&D data from

As expected, the second estimate of 1st quarter GDP from BEA shows the economy actually declined by 0.7% (rather than rising by 0.2% as earlier estimated - see earlier posting). Part of the revision ...

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post image FRAND: the AIPPI, an informed discussion -- and a report from

Lord Justice Floyd (Court of Appeal, England and Wales) and Richard Vary of Nokia spoke at AIPPI UK's event at Allen & Overy on FRAND issues earlier this week (26 May).

Richard Vary’s presentation ...

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post image Vin Rouge et Le Noir? NOVAL draws a Blanc in Battle of the Blacks from

QED for QNVCase T 420/14 Wine in Black GmbH v Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (Trade Marks and Designs) (OHIM), Quinta do Noval-Vinhos, SA is a 21 May decision of the ...

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post image Friday fantasies from

Sun or snow,
by Audrey
Forthcoming events. June is nearly upon us, with all the joys of summer (in the Northern Hemisphere) and winter (Down Under) that June can bring.  If you are hoping to ...

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Koepsell and Noonan on Gene Patenting from

In 2009, the first edition of Dr. David Koepsell's book "Who Owns You: The Corporate Gold Rush to Patent Your Genes" was published. With the second edition of his text about to be published ...

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70+ NGOs Urge WTO Members To Grant Extension Of LDC Pharma Waiver from

Over seventy non-governmental organisations, most of them local from developing countries, have co-signed a letter to World Trade Organization members to ask they agree to a request by least-developed countries to extend a waiver on ...

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European Parliament Trade Committee Tries to Defuse TTIP Controversy But Outcome Remains Uncertain from

European Commission negotiators should back away from a controversial provision in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) deal that would allow companies to sue governments in arbitration courts over claimed unequal treatment, the European ...

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3,676 Page Invalidity Expert Report Not Improperly Lengthy from

The court denied plaintiff's motion to strike the 3,676 page report of defendant's invalidity expert as too long. "Plaintiff contends the report is too long to read and digest, and it obscures ...

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From Cedar Grove, NJ: US patent application 20150148720 titled Discreet Sexual Stimulation Apparatus from

The abstract of US 20150148720:

A device for discretely providing sexual stimulation, the device being in the form of a plush animal having a head portion, a body portion, at least one appendage wherein the ...

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Success of Butamax in using IPRs against Gevo from

Note the discussion of the success that Butamax has had against Gevo in IPR proceedings which appears in the post
Butamax Successfully Using IPR to Knock out Competitor Gevo’s Patents

Note several earlier posts ...

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Ford, patents, and Autoharvest from

The magazine Fortune notes that Ford's offer of patents in electric vehicle technology does not reflect a new IP strategy by Ford:

In other words, Ford is not forging into new territory. Instead, the ...

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Copyright on Computer Programs: Solicitor General Argues that they are Unquestionably Patentable from

by Dennis Crouch In recent years, much attention has focused on whether the output of computer software engineers is properly the subject of patent rights. Now, however, an important case is pending before the U ...

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