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post image FIFA and brand integrity: an idea from

Great mark: shame
about the slogan ...
Even the most fervent football-agnostic must by now have spotted that all is not well in the wonderful world of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, otherwise known as ...

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post image UPC ratifications: now Luxembourg makes seven from

PatLit has just learned, via a media release from Rouse, that on 22 May 2015 Luxembourg deposited its ratification instrument for the Unified Patent Court Agreement, thus making Luxembourg the 7th country to ratify the ...

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post image The European Inventor Award - what is the EPO doing? from

Many things can motivate a blogger to set aside what they are doing and begin to pen a blogpost.  It may be excitement about a judgment that has just come out, enthusiasm about a new ...

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Rare Genomics Institute Announces Crowdfunding Initiative for Rare Diseases from

By Donald Zuhn -- Earlier this month, Rare Genomics Institute, an international non-profit that makes cutting edge research technologies of genome sequencing, physicians and scientists around the world accessible to rare disease patients, announced the Amplify ...

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Speakers: Compulsory Licensing Could Address High-Priced Medicines In Europe from

The high prices of medicine, which affects access to affordable medicine, was a theme of the annual World Health Assembly over the past week. In one side event, a panel discussed compulsory licensing as a ...

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No Judgment of Noninfringement as to Claims Abandoned Due to Court Ordered Narrowing from

The court granted in part defendant's motion for judgment as a matter of law as to plaintiff's abandoned claims. "[Defendant] presents an issue that has not been directly addressed by the Federal Circuit ...

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Warner-Lambert v Actavis; the Court of Appeal has its say on second medical use claims in the UK from

The IPKat is delighted to receive from a Katfriend this brief summary of an important decision handed down this morning. More detailed consideration may follow in due course.

IPKat readers who have followed this saga ...

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Butamax Successfully Using IPR to Knock out Competitor Gevo’s Patents from

Butamax Advanced Biofuels and Gevo, Inc. compete in the biofuels market, and the companies have been involved in a multifaceted patent dispute that generally involves patents directed towards the use of recombinant organisms to convert ...

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Lack Of Locally Relevant Online Content Deters Mobile Users In Developing Countries, WSIS Panel Says from

Although most people in the world live within reach of a mobile internet signal, a considerable amount of mobile users in developing countries are not using the opportunity to go online. One of the factors ...

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Welcome to the Blogosphere: New Private Law from

Harvard Law's John Goldberg and Henry Smith have started a new blog, New Private Law, which already has included a number of posts that might be of interest.
  • Janet Freilich noted U.S. Patent ...

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