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post image Disturbing news from Eponia: staff union under fire from

Merpel has been having a quiet May, but has been rudely awoken from her frolics in the amiable grass of Lincoln's Inn Fields (her preferred place for Spring gambolling) by disturbing news from the ...

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post image Do you value an invitation to the UPC court fees consultation event? from

It's not about the money for the AmeriKat, just
about the correct level of padding required for a proper nap
US Vice President Joe Biden once said "Don't tell me what you value ...

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post image £27 million award for wrongful interim relief upheld from

Recommended reading
for patent trial judges?
AstraZeneca AB & Anither v KRKA dd Novo Mesto & Another [2015] EWCA Civ 484 is a major ruling delivered yesterday on the calculation of damages from the Court of Appeal ...

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post image When functionality cuts deep, it can be hard to handle: Yoshida appeal dismissed from

Last year the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) remitted to the General Court Joined Cases C337/12 P to C340/12 P Pi-Design AG, Bodum France SAS and Bodum Logistics ...

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post image Does a patent professional need to raise the trade secret option with the client? from

I recall being in a meeting a while ago where the matter under consideration was whether to seek patent protection. All of theassembled, save this Kat, were patent professionals principally engaged in the non-contentious, registration ...

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Patent Profile: DermTech Receives Patent for Method of Detecting Melanoma in Human Subjects from

By Josh Bosman -- The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently issued a notice of allowance for U.S. Application No. 14/199,900, which is entitled "Diagnosis of Solar Lentigo by Nucleic Acid Analysis ...

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Two UN Agencies Come Out In Support Of Extension Of TRIPS LDC Waiver from

The United Nations Development Programme and the Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS have issued a joint statement supporting a request by least-developed countries to extend a waiver allowing them to abstain from enforcing patents ...

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Failure to Disclose IPR in Reexam May Support Inequitable Conduct Claim from

The court granted defendant's motion to amend its pleadings to include a claim for inequitable conduct based on plaintiff's failure to disclose IPR proceedings in a related patent during reexamination of the patents-in-suit ...

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Abusive tactics backfires with potential attorney fees award from

Bottom line: The standard for awarding attorney fees was lowered back in 2014 by the Supreme Court in Octane Fitness, LLC v. ICON Health & Fitness, Inc. (2014).  (Click here for the Highmark case). Before 2014 ...

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Federal Circuit: Software is not Patent Eligible unless Claimed as a Process or Physical Object from

In an interesting – though non-precedential – opinion, the Federal Circuit has ruled that a “speech-recognition interface” software lacks subject matter eligibility “because [the claims] are not directed to one of the four statutory categories of inventions ...

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Navigating PTAB Data: What to Look For and How to Find It from

Register at

Wed, May 27, 2015 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM CDT


In this interactive webinar, users will learn how to find the answers to a list ...

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"When Dr. Leighton and Mr. Lewin patented their invention, they expected our legal system to protect their intellectual property." from

Heh, heh, heh...ho, ho, ho,...whatever lead them to believe THAT?

The Federal Circuit, perhaps spurred on by the hysteria over "patent trolls," continues to systematically extract whatever worn down, yellowed and decaying teeth ...

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When the biter gets bit: Cross-undertakings in damages from

The question of how a court will calculate damages upon lifting an interim injunction, when a cross-undertaking has been given by a right holder when obtaining that injunction, is a very relevant factor to the ...

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CAFC decides Allvoice v. Microsoft from

Allvoice did not do well in its appeal to the CAFC:

Allvoice Developments US, LLC (“Allvoice”) appeals
the district court’s grant of summary judgment that
Microsoft Corporation’s (“Microsoft”) accused products do
not infringe ...

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Obama's patent reform as a " horror story of abandoning what works in the name of what’s politically trendy?" from

See the post by Michelle Malkin on May 22, 2015 at 8:46am
titled How Obama Radically Transformed America’s Patent System


The AIA’s primary agenda? “Harmonizing” our patent laws with the rest ...

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Morinville on "hunting a comic book character – a patent troll" from

Paul Morinville wrote:

To slay the patent trolls, since 2005, virtually every significant change to patent law has had the by-product of increasing the risks and costs for inventors. The America Invents Act did this ...

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WHO Debates Plan To Fight Antibiotic Resistance from

World Health Organization members this week are debating a plan to address the global problem of increasing resistance to existing antibiotics and the lack of new treatments to replace them. Today, discussions on antimicrobial resistance ...

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Google's anthropormorphic device described in application 20150138333 from

The first claim is directed to a METHOD in which an anthropormorphic device (not a human) is detecting a social cue:

A method comprising:

an anthropomorphic device detecting a social cue, wherein the anthropomorphic device ...

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