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post image Copyrighting Your Patent? from

by Dennis Crouch Although it sounds of a malformed naive question, at times patent applicants do want to copyright their patent.  The patent application may, for instance, include software code, prose, or particular schematics that ...

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post image The Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court: new survey seeks responses from

Nick Cunningham (Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co.) has written to tell us that his firm is running a survey to try to find out what patent owners and their advisers are planning to do about the ...

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Biogen MA, Inc. v. Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research (Fed. Cir. 2015) from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- The Federal Circuit affirmed a decision by the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts that it lacked subject matter jurisdiction under 35 U.S.C. § 146 pursuant to ...

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CAFC on Apple v. Samsung on 18 May 2015 from

A jury found that Samsung
infringed Apple’s design and utility patents
and diluted Apple’s trade dresses.
For the reasons that follow, we affirm the jury’s verdict on the
design patent infringements, the ...

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US 9,034,619 to DEINOVE titled Recombinant bacteria and the uses thereof for producing ethanol from

The first published claim of US '619:

A recombinant Deinococcus bacterium comprising a recombinant nucleic acid construct encoding a pyruvate decarboxylase (PDC) from Zymomonas and an alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) from Zymomonas, wherein the PDC and ...

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On judges seeking guidance from

Note the article by Benjamin Reiser titled:

Faced With Legal Puzzles, Judges Often Turn to Fellow Jurists


which includes

The judges interviewed said they would not seek guidance from an outside source, like a law ...

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Did The WHO Just Invite Corporates To Set Health Policy? from

From the New Minute: The Director General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Dr. Margaret Chan has invited the private sector, civil society and academia among others, to join a dialogue on how non-state players ...

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Apple's US application 20150070276: Transparent Electronic Device from

The first published claim:

A portable electronic device, comprising: a housing; a display comprising first and second overlapping display screens disposed within the housing; a motion sensor; and a processor disposed within the housing, wherein ...

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Horological Horror Show for Swatch, while Panavision has a Ball from

In its decision yesterday, the General Court of the European Union warmed up with a case on reputation in what is expected to be a hot week for trade mark decisions. The Court was requested ...

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Misconduct of Plaintiff's Lead Trial Counsel Does Not Warrant New Trial from

Despite finding attorney misconduct, the court denied defendant's motion for a new trial and rejected the argument that plaintiff tainted the jury verdict by discussing the results of another case involving one of the ...

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Digital Technologies and the Scope of Regulation: How Does Regulation Apply to Over-the-Top Players Like Google and WhatsApp? from

The re-posting of this analysis is part of a cross-posting collaboration with MediaLaws: Law and Policy of the Media in a Comparative Perspective. The explosion of digital services delivered via telecommunication networks is creating a ...

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NATURE gets it wrong on patent reform bills from

The post in the journal Nature titled

Congress seeks to quash patent trolls

Revised legislation would spare universities from being penalized in the same way as unscrupulous companies.


incorrectly relates the Senate PATENT Act and ...

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Federal Circuit Again Addresses “Divided Infringement” Scenarios from

On May 13, 2015, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit again considered the circumstances in which a defendant may be liable for direct infringement under 35 U.S.C. § 271(a ...

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Clean Tech in Court: Green Patent Complaint Update from

A number of new green patent complaints were filed in the last two months in the areas of energy storage, LED lighting, and smart grid (including lighting control).   Energy Storage Power Regeneration, LLC v. Siemens ...

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Patent Quality. from

Somewhat interesting to me that the USPTO self-reported quality numbers are way-down for FY2015.  I have not yet followed-up, but my initial guess is that the change is a measurement change rather than a change ...

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Breaking News: New Act Protecting Geographical Indications Adopted At WIPO; Some Denounce Process from

Today, a small number of World Intellectual Property Organization members adopted a new Geneva Act of a treaty protecting appellations of origin and geographical indications. The Act is the revision of a previous treaty which ...

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Offering Compassionate Care While Alleviating Ethical Concerns: How Some Pharmaceutical Companies Are Meeting Both Demands from

In recent years, families and friends of terminally ill patients have launched highly visible social media campaigns to secure access to potentially life-saving medicine, before those experimental drugs are approved. Pharmaceutical companies that are developing ...

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Five Challenges Filed Against Gilead Patent Claims For Hepatitis C Drug from

Pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences has been noted first for developing a treatment for hepatitis C, which afflicts tens of millions around the world, and then for pricing it at jaw-dropping prices ($1000 per pill) in ...

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