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post image 2015 Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees Honored at the Smithsonian from

From the Commerce Department: The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) inducted fourteen of America’s greatest innovators into the National Inventors Hall of Fame on Tuesday night, May 12, 2015. Held at the ...

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Substantive Work On Amendment of Lisbon System Starts; New Language Proposed from

World Intellectual Property Organization members negotiating a new version of a treaty protecting appellations of origin started fine-tuning the wording of the potential amended treaty’s articles, trying to find common language on remaining issues ...

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Ebola R&D, Antibiotic Resistance, Neglected Diseases Among Issues At This Year’s World Health Assembly from

The annual World Health Assembly opens next week with a focus on antimicrobial resistance, the Ebola outbreak, and research and development. Other subject of interests will be World Health Organization engagement with outside stakeholders, such ...

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Dan Rosenberg on "a patent crisis that doesn't exist" from

From a letter in the New York Times by Dan Rosenberg concerning patent reform bills such as the Innovation Act:

The bills are influenced by headline-catching “studies” using privately held and generated data to paint ...

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The first published claim of the application titled --METHOD FOR SELECTIVELY CULTURING MICROORGANISM USING PHOSPHITE DEHYDROGENASE GENE AS MARKER -- to Hiroshima University Hiroshima :

A method for selectively culturing a microorganism, the method comprising the step ...

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More on the CRISPR patent matter from

IPBiz has been covering the patent issues with CRISPR (e.g.,
Will there be an interference between the Zhang and Doudna work on CRISPR?
CRISPR is high profile in science, patents; competitor labeled a mere ...

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From the specification

[0003] Microalgae, like other organisms, contain lipids and fatty acids as membrane components, storage products, metabolites and sources of energy. Some algal strains, diatoms, and cyanobacteria have been found to contain proportionally ...

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Concerning the Symantec/Veeam patent matter from

Of the Symantec/Veeam matter, from eWeek:

"In February 2012, Symantec filed its first patent infringement lawsuit against Veeam and in October 2012, Symantec filed a second patent suite," Doug Hazelman, Veeam's vice president ...

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US Ponders New Trademark Rights For Racial Slurs from

Some words are too offensive to be registered trademarks. Racial slurs, derogatory names for ethnic groups, and other terms that disparage people can be denied registration, according to the vast majority of countries. The US ...

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Data: Counting Fee Shifting Cases from

Earlier I posted an essay by Hannah Jiam titled Emerging Trends Post-Octane Fitness.  Ms. Jiam has also provided a copy of the data underlying her essay available for download here: OctaneSpreadsheet (Excel File). If you ...

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Productivity, growth and intangible capital: a short history lesson from

Earlier this year, Andrew Haldane, Chief Economist at the Bank of England, gave a fascinating speech on "Growing, fast and slow." In it he succinctly sums up the history of economic growth. As he notes ...

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Matter of disclosure of drug trial results: Orexigen Therapeutics and Contrave from

See the post on Forbes titled -- Did Orexigen Have The Right To File Its Controversial Patent? -- for issues on including drug test results in a patent application.

The first paragraph of the Forbes post:

Shares ...

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Clothing that produces biofuel? Mushtari, an artwork 3D printed by Stratasys from

The on-the-go technologist can make biofuel from cyanobacteria within clothing.

Oxman explains that she was “Inspired by the human gastrointestinal tract, Mushtari is designed to host synthetic microorganisms – a co-culture of photosynthetic cyanobacteria and E ...

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