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post image Three aspects of information: a new event from

Every so often, the IPKat shares one of his events with someone else. Readers may recall last February's enjoyable and successful joint event with the British Literary and Artistic Copyright Association (BLACA) on "Sensory ...

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post image Wednesday whimsies, in black and white from

"How do you spell *!&%*@!* ?"When litigants misbehave, lawyers debate ... A couple of weeks ago this Kat had the enjoyable experience of attending a full-blooded debate, in the cosy comfort of London law firm Collyer Bristow ...

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post image A case of whisky? Of Judge and Jura-prudence from

Whyte & MacKay Ltd v Origin Wine UK Ltd and Dolce Co Invest Inc [2015] EWHC 1271 (Ch) is the latest of Mr Justice Arnold's trade mark rulings in the Chancery Division, England and Wales ...

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Privateering: let's name and shame companies that feed patent trolls -- please help complete the list from

Privateering--the act of large companies giving patents to patent assertion entities (PAEs)--is (unfortunately) not illegal (yet), but it is abusive, antisocial behavior. It pollutes the legal environment and harms the economy. It has nothing ...

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The intangible capital case for equality from

Last week, the Brooking Institution held a symposium on the 40th anniversary of Arthur Okun's classic essay Equality and Efficiency: The Big Tradeoff (see also Brad DeLong's posting on the event). While the ...

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Statutory Interpretation and the Exhaustion Issues in Lexmark v. Impression Products from

As usual, Professor John Duffy is able to cast new insight on a well-worn problem. In the context of exhaustion, he enlists noted commercial law scholar Richard Hynes and together they walk through the underlying ...

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US Patent 9,029,120 to Matrix Genetics: Modified photosynthetic microorganisms for producing triglycerides from

Text of first claim:

A modified Cyanobacterium comprising: an exogenous polynucleotide encoding a diacylglycerol acyltransferase (DGAT) that uses acyl-ACP as a substrate, wherein the modified Cyanobacterium produces a triglyceride, a wax ester or both.

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The outcome

affirm finding of D. Del.  :  claims 1 through 23 of the RE153 are invalid

reverse:  finding that claims 24 and 25 invalid

link: ...

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Federal Circuit Finds Scope of Non-Amended Reissue Claims Improperly Broadened from

by Dennis Crouch ArcelorMittal v. AK Steel (Fed. Cir. 2015) This case provides an important discussion of the “law of the case” doctrine and “mandate rule” as they apply to ongoing parallel patent-office administrative proceedings ...

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