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post image The CJEU 'new public' criterion? National judges should not apply it, says Prof Jan Rosen from

Last week this Kat was back in beautiful Cambridge to attend yet another excellent Fordham IP Conference [you can see relevant tweets by searching #fordhamip]. There were many thought-provoking presentations, including the very stimulating talk ...

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post image Trade marks in social networks: the case of Coke's hashtag trade mark applications. from

If it can work as a title,
can't a hashtag also
be part of a trade mark?
This Kat cannot confess to having been around professionally a decade and a half ago when trade ...

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InSite Vision Inc. v. Sandoz, Inc. (Fed. Cir. 2015) from

ByKevin E. Noonan -- The Federal Circuit showed once again the importance of a district court's factual findings (and the deference the appellate court gives those findings, particularly when supported by expert testimony), in InSite ...

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Boston University position on the Innovation Act of Goodlatte from

An opinion piece on April 14 WSJ titled --A Patent-Troll Bill With Bad College Grades--is co-authored by Robert Brown, president of Boston University..
One notes that Bown's viewpoint is quite at odds with ...

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Applying RICO to educators who falsify test scores from

The WSJ covered the sentencing of certain Atlanta educators convicted of falsifying student test scores.  One wonders what would happen if this approach were applied to plagiarists?

From the WSJ:

In all, 35 people were ...

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Bad timing by CBS on the "Kind bar" from

CBS Sunday Morning on 12 April 2015 featured the Kind bar of David Lubetzky.

Days later, Bloomberg reported a problem with the FDA:


“Your products do not meet the requirements for use of the nutrient ...

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Lexmark v. Impression: The Facts of the Case from

In Lexmark v. Impression, the Federal Circuit is holding an en banc hearing to consider the impact of both Kirtsaeng and Quanta on issues of patent exhaustion.  I wanted to provide the following some discussion ...

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Experts Debate Medicines Access In South Africa And Beyond from

CAPE TOWN - Pharmaceutical patents and access to medicines was the focus of an animated panel discussion by experts offering divergent views on the topic at intellectual property group FICPI’s 2015 World Congress, currently underway ...

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Expert’s “Bundled License” Opinion Not Inadmissible from

The court denied defendant's motion in limine to exclude the testimony of one of plaintiff's damages experts that the parties would have agreed to a bundled license. "According to [defendant], by assigning to ...

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Inspector General: USPTO Needs to Strengthen Patent Quality Assurance Practices from

by Dennis Crouch In a report sharply critical of the US Patent Office, the Department of Commerce Inspector General’s Office has concluded that patent quality is not up-to-snuff.  Read the report titled “USPTO Needs ...

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Wednesday whimsies from

Forthcoming events. Do please remember to check out the IPKat's list of Forthcoming Events, It's an ever-changing one, with lots of events that are either free to attend or which offer registration fee ...

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Sioux Falls Business Journal features US Patent 8,993,303 on genetically engineered Anabaena from

Concerning US '303:

Title: Genetically engineered cyanobacteria
Inventors: Ruanbao Zhou and William Gibbons, both of Brookings
Assigned: South Dakota State University, Brookings
Summary: Zhou and Gibbons have developed an alteration of bacteria that more efficiently ...

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Michelle Lee gives comments on the Innovation Act from

TheHill discusses comments by Director Michelle Lee on the Innovation Act of
Congr. Goodlatte:


“Upon careful consideration of these issues, and in light of the changes that have happened in the patent system, the USPTO ...

Share via E–mail | Twitter | Facebook comments on MIT method to use patent citation statistics from

Work of Chris Benson and Chris Magee using patent citation statistics was recently published in PLoS ONE.

link to article

The team devised a simple equation incorporating ...

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