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post image Never too late: if you missed the IPKat last week from

41 and still going strong! This is the forty-first collation of notes on the previous week's Katposts from our dedicated colleague and former guest Kat Alberto Bellanwho never lets us down.  It was ...

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post image Privacy in focus: urban life watching is for art in New York State from

Don't look -- unless you
are a neighbour, that is ...
There is no doubt that privacy concerns related to the use of personal data, including one's own images and portraits, have become of pre-eminent ...

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post image WIPO Roving Seminars: a Kat samples one from

Intrepid WIPO staff searching for a fresh
place to spread word of their services
As mentioned on this weblog a few weeks ago, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is running a pair of Roving ...

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The new open source patent grant of Facebook from

See Updating Our Open Source Patent Grant

So today [10 April 2015] we're pushing a new version of the grant. Its main significant improvement is that it is clearer with regard to what we ...

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Does the USPTO over-grant patents during times when it lacks sufficient resources? from

Frakes and Wasserman draw from the law review article -- Does the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Grant Too Many Bad Patents?: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment, in the Stanford Law Review. --
in a post titled ...

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Mere Disagreement with Reasons of a Decison is not a Sufficent Ground of Appeal from

The appeal in the case T 0972/13 has been held inadmissible because the grounds were considered insufficiently substantiated.

The appellant had filed grounds of appeal merely stating "We disagree with the OD [Opposition Division ...

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Discovery of Noninfringing Features as Potentially Relevant to Convoyed Sales Allowed from

The court granted plaintiff's motion to compel sales information from defendant, including sales information on noninfringing products. "[Defendant's] description of the accused Airplay functionality as only a 'small feature' of certain of its ...

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Three discussions on the changing economy from

Over the past few weeks there have been a number of meetings and conferences on the economy. Here are videos of three I found most interesting. Making Sense of the Information Economy: A Mixed Record ...

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CAFC affirms PTAB in 55 Brake case from

From within In re 55 Brake:

We review the Board’s claim construction de novo if it
is based solely on the intrinsic record. Teva Pharm. USA,
Inc. v. Sandoz, Inc., 574 U.S. __ ...

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