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post image How much piracy is needed for antipiracy sanctions to be available? - decisions from ES and IT from

Piracy seems to continue in the troubled waters of the Mediterranean shores of Italy and Spain, at least when it comes to the assessment of, and to sanctions for, the online infringement of copyrighted works ...

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BIO Commissioned Study Calculates Economic Contribution of University/Nonprofit Inventions in the U.S. from

By Donald Zuhn -- Last month, the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) announced the release of a BIO commissioned study that estimates the economic impact of academic licensing between 1996 and 2013. The study, entitled "The Economic ...

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The Google that has joined Via Licensing's LTE pool is the real Google--not the FRAND abuser from

Yesterday's announcement that Google has agreed to make its LTE (4G) standard-essential patents, all or most of which previously belonged to Motorola, available through Via Licensing's LTE patent pool, is for all intents ...

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Plagiarism in 2015: do hyperlinks count as attribution of source? from

An article in the Houston Chronicle begins


In the world of academia, ideas are currency. That makes Robert Bullard, a Texas Southern University dean, prolific author and prominent scholar on environmental justice issues, a wealthy ...

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The Kyle Bass pharma challenges; unintended consequences of the IPR procedure to contest patent validity? from

In a post on 24 February 2015, the San Diego Union-Tribune noted that the US Supreme Court had declined to hear a case about stem cells (Supreme Court rejects stem cell patent case).

The appealed ...

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Whistleblowers: Little UN Protection For Exposing Wrongdoing from

From AP: High-profile whistleblowers have joined forces for the first time in demanding that the United Nations change a global system they say deters its thousands of staffers from exposing crime, corruption and other wrongdoing ...

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Vehicle Insurance Patents Invalid Under Alice from

The court granted defendant's motion to dismiss because the two asserted patents were directed to the abstract ideas of underwriting an insurance policy and determining the insurability of a vehicle and accorded no inventive ...

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Texas A&M University School of Law from

In 2013 Texas A&M; purchased the ssomewhat floundering Texas Wesleyan law school and created what is now the Texas A&M; University School of Law – located in Dallas.  In joining with a major research ...

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Artie Rai of Duke University on the Innovation Act from

An article in ScienceInsider contains the text:


Compared with high-tech companies, universities are more often on the giving end than the receiving end of the legal threats, says Arti Rai, a patent law expert at ...

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