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post image Posh wash or Porsche? Ukrainian soap-maker can't clean up in Russian court from

0 to 60 bubbles in 3.5 seconds0 to 60 bubbles in 3.5 seconds.  Once again visiting the Petosevic newsletter in search of inspiration, this Kat found it in the dramatic and possibly ...

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Patent Offices Issue Warnings Regarding Fraudulent Requests for Fees from

By Donald Zuhn -- Several patent offices, including the European Patent Office (EPO), United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office (UK IPO), World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and Israel Patent Office (ILPO), have recently issued warnings to applicants ...

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An eminent analysis of G 3/14 [Examination of clarity in opposition] from

Last week the IPKat alerted readers to decision G 3/14 from the EPO’s Enlarged Board of Appeal, a decision which has restated the law regarding the examination of clarity in opposition proceedings. That ...

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Toyota '929 app on lithium-ion battery from

First published claim:

A production method of active material particles, the method comprising: a raw material hydroxide formation step of supplying ammonium ions to an aqueous solution of a transition metal compound to precipitate particles ...

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"Torrents of nonsense that masquerade as research" from

From the Express-Tribune about plagiarism in Pakistan:

Physicist Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy has been writing about the plagiarism and substandard research work being carried out at our universities. He says the HEC and vice-chancellors (VCs) are ...

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WHO Issues Guideline For Manufacturers Of Generic Hepatitis C Medicine from

The World Health Organization has issued a guidance document on the design of bioequivalence studies for a leading hepatitis C medicine. Generic drug companies seeking prequalification by the WHO need to demonstrate that their generic ...

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Interrelations Between Plant Treaty, UPOV, WIPO, Farmers’ Rights – Do They Equate? from

Farmers' rights are enshrined in the international plant treaty. However, their implementation is an ongoing issue, which the plant treaty is seeking to address by looking at the interrelation that might exist with other international ...

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ITC investigation in area of lithium-ion batteries from

The ITC has opened an investigation in the area of lithium-ion batteries at the request of BASF and Argonne as to activities of Umicore and Makita. There is also a case in D. Del.

The ...

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UPC Mock Trial - a Kat reports from Paris from

This Kat is sitting as we speak in a conference hall in Paris, where there will be unfolding this afternoon a mock trial according to the procedures, so far as they can presently be established ...

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February trade in intangibles from

Good new this morning on trade. According to data from BEA, the U.S. trade deficit dropped by $7.2 billion in February to $35.4 billion. The bad news is that exports were down ...

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Making MoS2 nanosheets from

As to -- MoS2 nanosheets make good supercapacitor electrodes -
note prior work on n-butyl lithium with MoS2.

Note for example Tsai, Chem. Mat., 1997.

Michel Armand pioneered the use of n-butyl lithium with disulfides in the ...

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Niro Firm Sanctioned in Second Case for Filing Infringement Claims After Learning of False Declarations During Prosecution from

The court granted defendant's motion to sanction plaintiff's counsel under 28 U.S.C. § 1927 and the court's inherent authority for pursuing an infringement action after the founder sent counsel an email ...

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UPC Mock Trial - a Kat reports from Paris - Part deux from

Continuing from the previous post, the second part of the event was a separate hearing (notionally several months later) on the granting of provisional measures (interim injunction - in particular to prevent defendant from launching product ...

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Amy Landers on Patent Market Bubbles from

Amy Landers has an original and provocative new piece in the Chapman Law Review in which she argues that patent markets may be vulnerable to "bubbles," as in other markets with uncertain asset valuations such ...

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Update on new trade data process from

As part of this morning's trade data release, BEA announced that it and Census would be releasing an advanced estimate of trade data to be incorporated into (and improve the accuracy of) the advanced ...

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Defendant Rosen wins over TMI at CAFC from

Teva v. Sandoz is cited in TMI Products v. Rosen :

In this case, we review the district court’s claim con-
struction de novo because the intrinsic record fully deter-
mines the proper construction,
and ...

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Lemley on Faith-Based IP from

Yesterday Mark Lemley posted Faith-Based Intellectual Property (which was not an April Fool's joke). Here is the abstract:
The traditional justification for intellectual property (IP) rights has been utilitarian. We grant exclusive rights because ...

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