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post image Article in Science urges caution over CRISPR technology from

The 20 March 2015 issue of Science contains a cautionary opinion piece about CRISPR.  One of the authors is Jennifer Doudna, who is involved in a patent dispute over CRISPR technology.

From a press release ...

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post image In memoriam: Albert Maysles, the man who helped change the film documentary from

The manner by which we compensate the creative process is sometimes unequipped to provide proper recognition for more general creative contributions that enjoy long-lasting influence. We may all take pleasure in discussing whether a monkey ...

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post image "Peace for our time", or another wasted trip to Munich? from

From the European Patent Office yesterday came the news item that is reproduced in its entirety below, both for the benefit of those readers who may not have seen it and for the benefit of ...

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Gotta Dance? Apparently Not -- A Biosimilar Update from

By Andrew Williams -- United States District Judge Seeborg of the Northern District of California denied Amgen's motion for a preliminary injunction today in the Amgen v. Sandoz case, thereby paving the way for the ...

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Standstill On Industrial Design Treaty, Country Names, GIs In WIPO Committee from

Hopes to gain ground in discussions toward a procedural treaty on industrial design applications were not met this week at the World Intellectual Property Organization. Meanwhile, proposals on the protection of geographical indications on the ...

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Making Cyanobacteria industrially useful from

From a post at


Despite the significance of cyanobacteria for future industrial needs, the overall knowledge of molecular site-specific redox changes is still very limited, especially under light conditions," said Dr. Wei-Jun Qian ...

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Can one patent a recipe? from

A post in the Montreal Gazette discusses plagiarism of recipes and includes the text:

“Legally,” said the head of the group that put that cookbook together back in 1983, “a recipe never belongs to anyone ...

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E-Commerce Patents Invalid Under Alice from

The court granted defendant's motion to dismiss for lack of patentable subject matter because plaintiff's e-commerce patents lacked an inventive concept. "[Plaintiff] argues that the 'novel combination of a buyer's participation in ...

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Patent litigation in Japan: Chief Judge speaks on latest developments from

There's a fascinating and highly educative event coming up next month in London, thanks to the generosity of its sponsors and the kindness of its hosts -- our friends the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys ...

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WSJ article on FTC investigation of Google from

Within a New York Times article on the FTC / Google matter:

Sections of the document were mistakenly released to The Wall Street Journal by the agency as part of a Freedom of Information request. A ...

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The lingering digital divide from

The digital divide is not a topic that gets a lot of attention now days. Interest seemed to peak just after the millennium. But the issue lingers on, surfacing in occasional reports and studies (see ...

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Intellectual Property as Global Public Finance from

I wrote the following post for the Balkinization blog symposium for the upcoming Innovation Law Beyond IP 2 conference at Yale Law School, where I will be presenting an early work-in-progress with Daniel Hemel. You ...

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A123 and electric cars from

Greencarreports is running a story on battery maker A123 suggesting that electric cars are not in A123's US future.

A123 is now owned by the Chinese company Wanxiang.  Earlier A123 was involved in a ...

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Friday fantasies from

Geo-blocking: fact of life or threat to civilisation?Around the weblogs 1: ordinary things. "How the digital single market will affect brand owners" is a guest post on the Managing IP Blog by the smiling ...

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Reexamined Patent Still Obvious According to the Court from

by Dennis Crouch Senju v. Lupin (Fed. Cir. 2015) In a split decision, the Federal Circuit has affirmed a district court judgment that Senju’sU.S. Patent No. 6,333,045 is invalid as obvious ...

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BREAKING NEWS - Uncertainty over the EQE Pre-exam results from

This Kat just learned of a most regrettable uncertainty in the issuance of the European Qualifying Examination pre-exam results today.  According to the DeltaPatents blog and comments posted there,  the situation, as he was informed ...

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