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post image Patent litigation in England and Wales 2007-2013: is it a predictor for UPC behaviour? from

Thanks to IP scholar and enthusiast Luke McDonagh my attention has been drawn to Examining Patent Cases at the Patents Court and Intellectual Property Enterprise Court 2007-2013, a 24-page report on patent litigation in England ...

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post image International Women’s Leadership Forum: a report on the first London edition from

Things have changed since 1558,
but by how much ...?
Just over a fortnight ago, the long-awaited and much-discussed (here, here and here) International Women’s Leadership Forum took place in London under the Chatham House ...

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post image Litigating in IPEC: a hands-on course from

While competition between the various IP professions in England and Wales remains brisk, it's good to see how they cooperate in both running patent litigation courses and in making them available to those who ...

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post image Acronyms in descriptive composite marks: how to handle them when comparing marks from

Last week Advocate General Mengozzi gave his Opinion in Case C-20/14 BGW Marketing - & Management- Service GmbH v Bodo Scholz [available so far in 17 EU official languages, but not English, notes Merpel] on the ...

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White House Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights provokes debate from

In February 2015, the White House proposed a draft “Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights” that the Obama administration believes will provide a baseline of clear protections for consumers, as well as greater certainty for companies ...

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New Book: ACTA And The Plurilateral Enforcement Agenda: Genesis And Aftermath from

The new book, “The ACTA and the Plurilateral Enforcement Agenda,” offers an insightful read on the highly debated Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), an effort to raise intellectual property protection that was met with opposition by ...

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Review: Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free (Cory Doctorow) from

Canadian science fiction writer, journalist, and blogger Cory Doctorow has published a new book on Copyright and Digital Rights Management (DRM) reform Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free.  The book approaches these subjects from ...

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Modem Software Patents Not Categorically Unpatentable Under Alice from

The court denied without prejudice defendants' motion for judgment on the pleadings that plaintiff's data communication patents were invalid for lack of patentable subject matter because defendants failed to establish a lack of inventive ...

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Award of Preliminary Injunction to Declaratory Judgment Defendant in the District of Delaware Offers Cautionary Tale in Opposition Strategy from

District Court Judge Sue L. Robinson, U.S.D.J., of the United States District Court for the District of Delaware granted a rare preliminary injunction to the declaratory judgment defendant in a patent infringement ...

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All WIPO Filings On The Rise, Serving Mainly Developed Economies; Telecoms Increase from

Today, the World Intellectual Property Organization released the 2014 numbers of filings for its systems for patents, trademarks, and industrial designs, which form the basis of the revenue of the UN organisation. Filings under the ...

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An Interview with Owen Byrd from Lex Machina from

I had the opportunity to speak with Owen Byrd, the Chief Evangelist and General Counsel for the Legal Analytics company Lex Machina. Based in Menlo Park, California, Lex Machina is one of the many legal ...

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Ptab 103 obvious rationale duplicate advantage from

Takeaway: An Applicant appealed claims to a zoned HVAC system. The Examiner rejected as obvious using a combination of two references, Kolk and Petite. The Examiner stated that Kolk did not disclose a remote temperature ...

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Published Comments on the 2014 Interim Guidance from

It looks like the USPTO has uploaded most of the public comments on the 2014 Interim Guidance on Patent Eligibility.  You can view those comments at the following link: [Link]. I submitted my own comments ...

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Peer Influence on Content Creation from

The paper A Bayesian Model to Predict Content Creation with Two-Sided Peer Influence in Content Platforms caught my eye in my SSRN feed. It's by Bin Zhang (Arizona - MIS), Anjana Susarla (Michigan State - Business ...

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Robin Thicke Has Got to Give It (Over $7.3M) Up in Lawsuit Result from

Let’s get it on Right now, Robin Thicke must hate the blurred lines of copyright infringement. According to reports, a U.S. district court jury in Los Angeles recently ruled in favour of the ...

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Docket Error Loses AT&T’s $40 Million Appeal from

by Dennis Crouch The Federal Circuit decision in Two-Way Media focuses on a narrow issue of appellate deadlines – with a 2-1 majority concluding that AT&T; cannot recover from missing its deadline for filing a ...

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Noonan identifies Immersion v. HTC in D. Del. as a significant case from

In a post titled -- District Court Overrules PTO Interpretation of 35 U.S.C. § 120 --, Kevin Noonan at PatentDocs begins:

Judge Richard Andrews, District Court Judge for the District of Delaware rendered a decision on ...

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Judge Robinson rules on "summary judgment" motions in infringement case of Butamax against Gevo from

The decision of Judge Robinson of D. Del. of 19 March 2015 begins:

On January 14, 2011, plaintiff Butamax™ Advanced Biofuels LLC ("Butamax") filed suit in this district against defendant Gevo, Inc. ("Gevo") alleging infringement ...

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