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post image Low-Tech High-Tech from

For those of you interested: Yes, I am one of those technologists who sends his kids to a low-tech elementary school where they learn to build, knit, paint, dye, crochet, and write — but basically only ...

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post image REVEALED: EPO Boards of Appeal reform plan Part III - Merpel's comments from

Lack of transparency can lead
to some pretty scary consequences ...
Merpel understands that, on Tuesday 10 March [or, to put it another way, tomorrow], the Boards of Appeal (unclear exactly who, but perhaps the members ...

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post image Pinterest "pinning it down" in OHIM Appeal from

In the wake of all the exciting EPO news, here is some equally exciting trade mark news ...

It was widely reported when OHIM in 2013 rejected social media outlet Pinterest Inc’s opposition to the ...

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post image REVEALED: EPO Boards of Appeal reform plan Part I - The Proposal from

Merpel has now received from more than one kind reader the recently-released plans for reform of the administrative arrangements of the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office (EPO).  These have been eagerly awaited ...

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REVEALED: EPO Boards of Appeal reform plan Part II - The Annexes from

The Annexes are illuminating.  Annex 1 is the timeline for the changes to be introduced, by 1 January 2016.  Merpel notes how little time there is for debate, consultation, or indeed any alteration of the ...

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Opinion piece in Albuquerque Journal criticizes Goodlatte innovation Act from

From the article:

The pending legislation to address patent litigation abuses, which is already being largely addressed by the 2012 America Invents Act, is so broadly drawn that it would further weaken the nation’s ...

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Falling oil prices impact biofuel production from

The Financial Times comments on the Ensus biofuel factory at Teeside:


This latest shutdown is the fourth to hit the Teesside plant since it opened in 2010. The first halt to production was because of ...

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The Roquette/Solazyme matter; a joint venture gone bad from

A 27 February 2015 post at BiofuelsDigest begins with the text

An arbitration ruling details how Roquette seemingly attempted one of the most brazen intellectual property heists in the history of biotechnology, and almost got ...

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Potential Delay Enough to Reduce PTA from

The Federal Circuit recently addressed the issue of whether Patent Term Adjustment (“PTA”) can be reduced under 35 U.S.C. § 154(b)(1)(C) by conduct that does not actually cause delay in the ...

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European Commission Urged To Fix EU Law Before Addressing IPR Protections In Third Countries from

Efforts to revamp protection for and enforcement of intellectual property rights in non-EU countries are welcome, but the European Commission should get Europe's IPR house in order first, a new draft report by the ...

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REVEALED: EPO finally proposes level of renewal fees for the Unitary Patent from

Most patentees, when learning about the Unitary Patent and being asked to consider whether they will to use the system instead of the current European Patent system, immediately ask "How much will it cost"?  Up ...

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Denial of § 285 Fee Award Unchanged Under Highmark and Octane from

In light of Highmark Inc. v. Allcare Health Mgmt. Sys., Inc., 134 S. Ct. 1744 (2014) and Octane Fitness, LLC v. ICON Health & Fitness, Inc., 134 S. Ct. 1749 (2014), the court sua sponte reconsidered ...

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The Solazyme/Roquette matter: identical claim examined differently in distinct ISRs from

The Solazyme/Roquette matter is an example of a "joint venture" gone bad.  One co-venturer filed a patent application, only in its name, for work nominally done jointly. 

The matter also informs us of how ...

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Guest Post on Planet Blue v. Activision Blizzard Section 101 case from

This is a guest post written by Tim Molino who is the Policy Director for BSA, which as shortened its name to The Software Alliance. Prior to joining BSA, Tim was Chief Counsel for Sen ...

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Patent ‘Quality Summit’ will be open to the public, March 25-26 from

The goal of the USPTO gathering is to promote discussion of ways to improve patent quality. The first Patent Quality Summit will take place at United States Patent and Trademark Office headquarters in Alexandria, VA ...

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Bayer loses in India over sorafenib from

From a post in. Business Standard:


Natco raised its opposition on the grounds that the claims are drawn to polymorphic forms of Sorafenib, which is a known substance and not patentable under Section 3(c ...

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Never too late: if you missed the IPKat last week ... from

"If I hear 'EPO' one more time I shall
scream!", said Muriel, but it was to no avail ...
In case you thought this weblog was only interested in the goings-on at the European Patent Office ...

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3M sues German companies over allegedly infringing dental products from

Minnesota Mining ["3M"] filed a patent infringement suit against Dental Direkt GmbH, located in Spenge, Germany. The products alleged to infringe are zirconia CAD/CAM block products traded under the brand names “DD Bio Z ...

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