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post image Dutch Minister trumps Court of Appeal ruling, reasserts EPO immunity from

Is this the EPO ...?"Opstelten: uitspraak rechter geldt niet voor Europese instelling" is the title of an article in this morning's edition of Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant, which brings tidings of the latest twist ...

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post image Hyatt’s Family Tree from

by Dennis Crouch In the ongoing saga between the USPTO and Hyatt, the USPTO recently submitted an interesting family tree of related applications filed by Gilbert Hyatt.  Nice redaction. It is unclear to me why ...

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post image Warner-Lambert v Actavis Mark 3: a "lyrical" solution to a painful patent dispute from

On 21 January fellow Kat Darren posted "No pain for Actavis - Warner-Lambert fail to stop launch of generic pregabalin" (here).  This blogpost reported the Patents Court ruling of Mr Justice Arnold in Warner-Lambert Company, LLC ...

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post image BREAKING NEWS: CJEU says that Member States are free to determine who must pay droit de suite royalty from

Copyright has increasingly become linked to de-materialisation of both works and their exploitation channels, so it is kind of re-assuring to find cases that are still about the analogue world. 
This morning the Court of ...

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post image Current U.S. Patent Practitioner Trends from

Guest Post by Zachary Kinnaird, Patent Attorney with International IP Law Group We are currently in the midst of a noticeable downward trend in the number of new patent practitioners each year.  As recently at ...

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The Iron Law of Unintended Consequences from

(with apologies to Robert Michels) By Kevin E. Noonan -- It is a certainty that no matter what action is taken (by an individual, a group, or especially a legislative body) that there will be unintended ...

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The present invention provides various combinations of genetic modifications to a transformed host cell that provide increase conversion of carbon to a chemical product. The present invention also provides methods of fermentation and methods ...

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Sapphire's US 20150059023 on biomass yield genes from


The present disclosure provides several novel genes that have been shown to increase the biomass yield or biomass of a photosynthetic organism. The disclosure also provides methods of using the novel genes and organisms ...

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TCP/IP Wireless Transmission Patent Not Invalid Under Alice from

The court denied defendant's motion for summary judgment that plaintiff's TCP/IP wireless transmission patent was invalid for lack of patentable subject matter because the claims contained an inventive concept. "[Defendant] alleges that ...

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25 Million Streams of “Summer of ’69” earns Bryan Adams at Least One Six String from

In my previous post, I detailed how a single digital spin of a song can trigger multiple webcasting tariffs. I also mentioned that royalties are not always paid wholly and directly to a single “creator ...

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Osgoode Takes Best Factum at the 2015 Fox Moot from

What do cows, kangaroos, and frozen yogurt have in common? Leave it to Osgoode’s Harold G. Fox Intellectual Property Moot team to tell you the answer! On February 20 and 21, 2015, the 7th ...

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GW Law Review Symposium on Patentable Subject Matter from

The George Washington Law Review has published its symposium on "Cracking the Code: Ongoing § 101 Patentability Concerns in Biotechnology and Computer Software." Here are the five contributions:

Paul R. Michel, The Supreme Court Saps Patent ...

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UK To Revamp Law On “Groundless Threats” Of Infringement Suits from

Recommendations for key reforms to laws against “groundless threats” of infringement lawsuits in patent, trademark and design rights cases won general UK government backing today. IP lawyers said the government's stance will go far ...

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CORDIS reports on biofilm Algadisk bioreactor from


Preliminary laboratory scale studies have shown consistent biomass production and weekly a thick microalgal biofilm could be harvested. A new and innovative harvesting device has been developed for ALGADISK able to directly harvest the dense ...

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“Late” IDS Filing Limits Patent Term Adjustment (PTA) from

by Dennis Crouch Prior to 1995, the U.S. measured patent term very simply – a patent was in force for 17 years after issuance so long as the appropriate maintenance fees were paid.  Now, the ...

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CAFC addresses patent term adjustment in Gilead case; Gilead loses from

The outcome of Gilead v. Lee:

Gilead Sciences, Inc. (“Gilead”)
appeals the decision of the United States District Court
for the Eastern District of Virginia granting summary judgment to
the Director of the United States ...

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Cohen IP Law Group's Lawsuit Against Universal and Seth MacFarlane from

Hollywood Reporter has covered Cohen IP Law Group’s recent lawsuit against Universal Pictures, Seth MacFarlane and other defendants for trade dress infringement and other claims.

Los Angeles Trademark ...

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