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post image Graduated response in Australia: what does the draft code of practice say? from

Adrian StorrierEven IPKat readers based in the Northern Hemisphere will be probably aware that over the past few months how to reform copyright has been subject to intense discussion in Australia. Among other things ...

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Unintentional plagiarism, again from

Melissa Dahl in NYMag talks about accidental plagiarism

In a recent blog post, Grant breaks down a study suggesting how common it is to plagiarize accidentally:

In a classic demonstration, psychologists Alan Brown and Dana ...

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Looking backward at licensing; deja vu all over again? from

In a post on 20 Feb 2015 titled --Study finds patent licensing rarely results in innovation --, Inman discusses the
Feldman/Lemley paper -- “Does Patent Licensing Mean Innovation?” --, using as an illustration the CIVIX-DDI patent matter ...

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A123 files suit against Apple for employee poaching from

In a post titled Apple Sued for Poaching A123 Employees, the Wall Street Journal discusses a lawsuit filed
by A123 (a subsidiary of China’s Wanxiang Group )in Massachusetts against Apple for stealing A123 employees ...

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Jessica Silbey's The Eureka Myth from

Jessica Silbey (Suffolk Law) has posted an excerpt from the introduction of her new book, The Eureka Myth: Creators, Innovators, and Everyday Intellectual Property (Stanford University Press). Everything I have heard about this project has ...

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