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post image Global IP: the British are (almost, sort of) best from

The excellent and efficient James Thomson (Head of Stakeholder Engagement [how Merpel loves that job title!] at the United Kingdom's Intellectual Property Office), was first to notify the IPKat of the findings of the ...

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post image MIP International Patent Forum: something for patent litigators too from

This blogger thinks it might be a good idea to draw the attention of readers of this blog to the fact that Managing Intellectual Property magazine's International Patent Forum 2015 will take place less ...

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post image Construing Claims: Independent Claim Preamble is Limiting when Used in the Body of Dependent Claims from

by Dennis Crouch In Pacing Tech v. Garmin, the Federal Circuit has affirmed a summary judgment of non-infringement — holding that Garmin’s fitness watches do not infringe U.S. Patent No. 8,101,843. Although ...

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USPTO Holds Forum on Interim Guidance -- Part II from

By Donald Zuhn -- In a forum held last month on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's Alexandria campus, Office representatives discussed the Interim Guidance on Patent Subject Matter Eligibility, which was released in ...

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US application 20150050252 on pluripotent stem cells from


Stimulating tissue resident pluripotent stem cells in a manner that the respective subject (e.g., human) acts as its own sterile bioreactor for in vivo stem cell proliferation thus eliminating the need to isolate ...

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US application 20150047074 to MIT from

Abstract of MIT application

In one aspect, a composition can include an organelle, and a nanoparticle having a zeta potential of less than -10 mV or greater than 10 mV contained within the organelle. In ...

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European Patent Office staff asks a good question: How many patents does Europe need? from

Since December, I've been following the labor and human rights conflict at the European Patent Office and the debate over judicial independence. I'm less concerned about particular people holding certain positions (TechRights' Dr ...

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Can SUEPO sue EPO? It bow seems so ... from

Without the benefit of a good command of legal Dutch, Merpel struggles to understand the content of the document to which she alludes. It is a judgment, dated 17 February, of the Gerechtshof den Haag ...

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At WTO Next Week: GI Register, Plain Packaging, Women In Innovation from

The next meeting of the World Trade Organization intellectual property committee is expected to include discussions on women and innovation, and concerns about legislative efforts in the United Kingdom and Ireland to introduce plan packaging ...

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US Congress Reconsiders Anti-Patent Troll Law from

It happened again on 5 February. The powerful chair of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Bob Goodlatte introduced the Innovation Act for a second time. This bill, aimed at hurting patent trolls by making a ...

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Recent Damages Award for Wrongful Seizure Under the Lanham Act from

Judge Preska of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York recently awarded attorneys' fees, damages, and prejudgment interest on damages, but not fees to defendants, in a trademark counterfeiting case ...

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Stay Pending CBM Review Conditioned Upon PTAB’s Institution of Review from

The court granted defendant's motion to stay pending its petition for CBM review, conditioned upon the PTAB's grant of defendant's petition, and found the potential simplification of issues would weigh in favor ...

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Bytephoto sued over US 8,209,618 from

The first claim:


1. A method for sharing multi-media content among a plurality of users in a computer network consisting essentially of: creating a plurality of user accounts, each of the user accounts corresponding to ...

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MVS Filewrapper® Blog: U.S. Takes Final Steps in Joining International Industrial Design System from

Post by blog staff

The Hague system for registration of industrial designs offers applicants the potential for obtaining protection in a number of member countries and intergovernmental organizations by means of a single international application ...

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You are Invited to Mizzou! from

We’re hosting a March 13, 2015 event here at the University of Missouri School of Law along with Missouri’s Center for Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship and would enjoy seeing you. The focus is ...

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US application 20150045537 to MIT on release of lipid-containing vesicles from cyanobacteria from

US application 20150045537 was published last week on 12 Feb. 2015. The listed inventors are

Chisholm; Sallie Watson; (Watertown, MA) ; Biller; Steven James; (Watertown, MA) ; Thompson; Anne Williford; (Santa Cruz, CA)


and the title is ...

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Europe-wide injunctions and Community trade mark infringement: the theory and the reality from

Injunctive relief for Community trade mark infringement across that patchwork quilt of lands we call the European Union is a topic that has grown in interest and significance in recent years, as the attractions of ...

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Use Recumbent Exercise Bikes Properly To Be Effective from

Everyone knows that a good work out tool will ensure that your body is able to get the very best work out for your system.  One of the more popular pieces of equipment today has ...

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