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post image Chevy Unveils Bolt; Planned Production Date Would Secure BOLT Trademark from

A previous post took a deep dive into two recently filed U.S. eco-mark applications filed by General Motors for the marks BOLT and CHEVROLET BOLT (Application Nos. 86357513 and 86357523 for “motor land vehicles ...

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post image Jurisdiction in online Community trade mark infringement cases: what's the story? from

There is probably no need to state the obvious, ie that online IP infringements are becoming increasingly frequent. Another obvious observation is that, besides issues of substantive law, something that has proved fairly controversial to ...

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post image Random thoughts on Ms Swift's "sick" trade marks from

Taylor Swift and her recent US trade mark applications have made headlines and even inspired those who usually do not care about IP and/or trade marks to comment about them.  Indeed, this Kat has ...

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US 8,956,833 to Greenlight Biosciences from

The first claim states:


. A method of producing a product of a biosynthetic pathway of interest, the method comprising: (a) culturing bacterial cells that express enzymes of a biosynthetic pathway for production of a product ...

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BioVantage gets US '249 on photobioreactor from

The first claim

1. A photobioreactor for growing algae, comprising: a tank to contain algae and growth medium for the algae; at least one light pipe to provide light in the tank for accelerating algae ...

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Game Over for Myriad -- Update from

(Or, and then there was one were none) By Kevin E. Noonan -- As discussed for the past month, Myriad has finally given up trying to defend its BRCA gene testing franchise. The one remaining matter ...

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Expanded PTAB Panel Holds That 35 U.S.C. § 315(c) Permits Joinder of Petitions, Not Just Parties from

The Board granted the petitioner's motion for rehearing an earlier order denying its motion for joinder because the denial was "based on an erroneously narrow interpretation of 35 U.S.C. § 315(c)." "[A ...

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Labor Mobility and Patenting Propensity from

Late last year, I moderated a conference panel in which Thomas Rønde (Copenhagen Business School) presented Does the Mobility of R&D; Labor Increase Innovation? I'm glad to see that he and his co-authors ...

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